Moats Versus Boats - Part 4
Value investor Raamdeo Agrawal on his understanding of a economic moat

Purring Back

Cummins India is down 32% since touching an all-time high in August 2015. Does that make it a value buy?

Jash Kriplani | JAN 25 , 2017

Cheap for a reason

Despite a bearish consensus, NMDC is gaining ground. But, it's still early days

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | DEC 15 , 2016

Paisa wise rupee foolish

Many stocks are trading at a low price but one should be wary of buying them

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | DEC 13 , 2016

On a Hot Streak

After sinking in ₹700 crore as fresh investments, can ENIL weather falling revenue and rising operating costs?

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | DEC 09 , 2016

Spinning Value

Can Sintex Industries’ decision to demerge its plastics business create more moolah for its shareholders?

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | NOV 28 , 2016

City Pipers

Gas distribution utilities are attracting investor attention as they promise safety and growth

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | NOV 28 , 2016

Slow Work in Progress

Despite its restructuring efforts, DLF is struggling because of poor cash flow  

Jash Kriplani | SEP 21 , 2016

Data Packet Error

High transaction tax and proposed regulatory curbs on HFT trading threaten to take the sheen off algo trading

Jash Kriplani | SEP 21 , 2016

Why Quant Is Still Not Sexy

Quantitative trading that thrives on algorithmic models still has few takers in India

Jash Kriplani | SEP 13 , 2016

Public party - Part 1

Riding the novelty train has fetched newly-listed companies a massive valuation. But can they sustain their gains?

Jash Kriplani | AUG 08 , 2016

Public party - Part 2

In the second part, a look at Narayana Hrudayalaya and diagnostic player Thyrocare

Jash Kriplani | AUG 08 , 2016

Public party - Part 3

In the third part, a look at e-commerce player Infibeam and antivirus provider Quick Heal

Jash Kriplani | AUG 08 , 2016

Public party - Part 4

In the final part, a look at temping company Teamlease and cafe chain Coffee Day

Jash Kriplani | AUG 08 , 2016

In choppy waters

The shipping industry is in doldrums but is there scope to fish around?  

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | JUL 26 , 2016

Not quite the time to get one

The country’s largest passenger car maker has taken a knock over yen worries, but its stock is still not a screaming 'buy' 

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | JUL 26 , 2016

A whiff of fresh air

While a robust brand works in its favour, can Shantanu Khosla make the most of Crompton Consumer’s new-found freedom?

Jash Kriplani | JUN 27 , 2016

Moats Versus Boats - Part 8

In the second part, Akash Prakash of Amansa Capital talks about capturing the gap between perception and reality

MAY 19 , 2016

Moats Versus Boats - Part 9

In the final part, Akash Prakash explains why selling is a far more difficult decision than buying

MAY 19 , 2016

Back On Home Grid

Shedding loss-making international units might rekindle investor interest but Crompton badly needs access to technology

Jash Kriplani | MAY 16 , 2016

Waiting To Explode

Swelling exceptional items are a clear and present danger to investor wealth  

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | MAY 13 , 2016

Moats Versus Boats - Part 7

Amansa Capital founder Akash Prakash on why moat investing is harder than it seems

MAY 09 , 2016

Moats Versus Boats - Part 6

In the final part, Raamdeo Agrawal elaborates on the different types of moats

MAY 04 , 2016

Moats Versus Boats - Part 5

In the second part, Raamdeo Agrawal talks about the challenge of identifying a moat

APR 27 , 2016

European overhang

Tata Steel is selling non-core assets to offset problems with its European arm. But will that be enough?

Jitendra Kumar Gupta | APR 26 , 2016