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What next for IndusInd Bank?
Grappling with bad loans, weak loan growth and leadership uncertainty, its valuation is under pressure

Prathamesh Mulye

Bed, Set, Go

Now that Apollo Hospitals’ aggressive capex is done, analysts believe it is time to buy the stock

Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 24 , 2020

Holy cow!

As Parag Milk Foods’ meltdown comes amid structural and management issues, investor confidence might not return in a jiffy

Prathamesh Mulye | MAR 20 , 2020

Cold logic

Fintech companies are offering investors cheaper advice for increasing their wealth

Prathamesh Mulye | MAR 03 , 2020

What next for IndusInd Bank?

Grappling with bad loans, weak loan growth and leadership uncertainty, its valuation is under pressure

Prathamesh Mulye | JAN 22 , 2020

Talwalkars’ ‘crash diet’

One of the earliest fitness companies in India is struggling with a ‘debt-flab’ accumulated over the past few years. What sent things on a nosedive?

Shruti Venkatesh | JAN 21 , 2020

The road not ahead

The macro headwind may be getting worse for the infra sector, but a handful of companies with robust order book could just weather the dust storm

Prathamesh Mulye | JAN 10 , 2020

HCL Tech’s trump card

The company makes do with a lower multiple because of weak core revenue, but analysts are betting on the IBM products acquisition to turn things around

Prathamesh Mulye | JAN 09 , 2020

Confession of a FOMO investor

Investors tend to take on risky bets driven by the fear of missing out

Chaitanya Dalmia | DEC 09 , 2019

New growth formula

The US market remains choppy but Natco Pharma is becoming a compelling bet by rebooting itself with a new strategy

Prathamesh Mulye | NOV 05 , 2019

Premium Blend

United Spirits is back on the growth path with Diageo’s focus on premiumisation

Prathamesh Mulye | OCT 07 , 2019

Banks, lies, red tape

The government’s decision to merge state-owned banks hardly provides a viable solution to key problems plaguing the sector

Prathamesh Mulye | SEP 16 , 2019

Woes and Worries

Mutual fund managers have plenty of concerns and fresh bad loans are right on top

Prathamesh Mulye | SEP 12 , 2019

Now Serving

As the Tata Group merges its consumer businesses to form an FMCG giant, investors are lining up to order

Prathamesh Mulye | AUG 08 , 2019

Cast Adrift

The gap in India’s shadow banking segment is widening as institutional investors steer clear of commercial papers issued by smaller NBFCs and HFCs

Prathamesh Mulye | AUG 08 , 2019

Calm After the Storm

A well-managed insurance company turned out to be a risky stock to own. But it may be safe to set sail again, with Max Financial Services

Prathamesh Mulye | JUL 29 , 2019

The golden middle

In a rapidly changing digital world, mid-cap IT firms have more headroom to grow than large-caps

Kripa Mahalingam | JUL 26 , 2019

Hope blooms

Foreign investors have pushed the indices to a record high on expectations of reforms push and earnings recovery. Slippage on either could spoil the party

V Keshavdev | JUN 12 , 2019

Bagging it Right

VIP has strengthened its lead in the market with a strong, diversified portfolio. As the valuation corrects, it might be worth betting on

Shruti Venkatesh | JUN 06 , 2019

Cruising through

Despite headwinds in the auto sector, tyre stocks ride on replacement demand and falling raw-material cost

Prathamesh Mulye | JUN 05 , 2019

Pack Leader

By reimagining a once declining market of steel pipes, APL Apollo Tubes hacked out its lead position

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 31 , 2019

Advantage Multinational

With global agrochemical cycle turning, Indian companies with a strong international presence will be a good bet

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 19 , 2019

The Eclipse of A Star

Investors worry about poor corporate governance practices at Sun Pharma and price erosion in the US generics market

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 12 , 2019

Uneven Road Ahead

While the Indian cement industry will see better demand and utilisation rates thanks to government-led infrastructure projects, the gains will be unequal for players based on size and location

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 09 , 2019

Battle Ready

As competition in the telecom sector intensifies, Bharti Airtel’s pricing strategy makes it a lucrative buy for the long haul

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 08 , 2019