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Current Attraction
Techno Electric’s strong execution track record and financial discipline makes it a company to watch out for

Jash Kriplani

New growth formula

The US market remains choppy but Natco Pharma is becoming a compelling bet by rebooting itself with a new strategy

Prathamesh Mulye | NOV 04 , 2019

Premium Blend

United Spirits is back on the growth path with Diageo’s focus on premiumisation

Prathamesh Mulye | OCT 03 , 2019

Banks, lies, red tape

The government’s decision to merge state-owned banks hardly provides a viable solution to key problems plaguing the sector

Prathamesh Mulye | SEP 13 , 2019

Woes and Worries

Mutual fund managers have plenty of concerns and fresh bad loans are right on top

Prathamesh Mulye | SEP 10 , 2019

Now Serving

As the Tata Group merges its consumer businesses to form an FMCG giant, investors are lining up to order

Prathamesh Mulye | AUG 08 , 2019

Cast Adrift

The gap in India’s shadow banking segment is widening as institutional investors steer clear of commercial papers issued by smaller NBFCs and HFCs

Prathamesh Mulye | AUG 08 , 2019

Calm After the Storm

A well-managed insurance company turned out to be a risky stock to own. But it may be safe to set sail again, with Max Financial Services

Prathamesh Mulye | JUL 29 , 2019

The golden middle

In a rapidly changing digital world, mid-cap IT firms have more headroom to grow than large-caps

Kripa Mahalingam | JUL 26 , 2019

Hope blooms

Foreign investors have pushed the indices to a record high on expectations of reforms push and earnings recovery. Slippage on either could spoil the party

V Keshavdev | JUN 12 , 2019

Bagging it Right

VIP has strengthened its lead in the market with a strong, diversified portfolio. As the valuation corrects, it might be worth betting on

Shruti Venkatesh | JUN 06 , 2019

Cruising through

Despite headwinds in the auto sector, tyre stocks ride on replacement demand and falling raw-material cost

Prathamesh Mulye | JUN 05 , 2019

Pack Leader

By reimagining a once declining market of steel pipes, APL Apollo Tubes hacked out its lead position

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 31 , 2019

Advantage Multinational

With global agrochemical cycle turning, Indian companies with a strong international presence will be a good bet

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 19 , 2019

The Eclipse of A Star

Investors worry about poor corporate governance practices at Sun Pharma and price erosion in the US generics market

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 12 , 2019

Uneven Road Ahead

While the Indian cement industry will see better demand and utilisation rates thanks to government-led infrastructure projects, the gains will be unequal for players based on size and location

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 09 , 2019

Battle Ready

As competition in the telecom sector intensifies, Bharti Airtel’s pricing strategy makes it a lucrative buy for the long haul

Prathamesh Mulye | APR 08 , 2019

A bridge too far

With government spending slowing down, the road ahead for infra and capital goods could be challenging

V Keshavdev | MAR 25 , 2019

Acquiring Growth

With attractive valuation and robust financials, Quess Corp seems like a perfect opportunity for investors to latch on to

Prathamesh Mulye | MAR 19 , 2019

Seeking a Safe Haven

As the market tumbles, mutual fund managers recommend pharma, private banks and specialty chemicals to tide over the volatility

Prathamesh Mulye | FEB 14 , 2019

Speed bump ahead

Ashok Leyland’s turnaround was historic. But now, with macro headwind, policy changes and a drop in market share, can it sustain its run?

Prathamesh Mulye | DEC 17 , 2018

The Bitter Truth

While a hike in ethanol price and bailout packages triggered an impressive sugar stock rally, it could be a blip in a troubled sector

Prathamesh Mulye | OCT 30 , 2018

When You Are A Contrarian

HDFC AMC is a market favourite but, with falling market-share and profitability, can it justify its high valuation?

Prathamesh Mulye | OCT 04 , 2018

Icahn or they can?

Minority shareholders are gearing up to take on Carl Icahn-owned Tenneco for undervaluing the Indian operations of Federal-Mogul

V Keshavdev | OCT 04 , 2018

Bittersweet After Taste

Hyped up InvITs have not performed as expected leaving investors with mixed feelings

Prathamesh Mulye | SEP 05 , 2018