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  • Though market sentiment and the general business environment has improved, key concerns remain unaddressed. Will the government step in to help them Make in India?
    Krishna Gopalan
  • Stiff competition and the vagaries of scale have meant that the Davids of the Sriperumbudur cluster are fast racing ahead of the tad-too-comfortable Goliaths
    Kripa Mahalingam
  • As their tax holiday draws to a close, many pharmaceutical units are unsure about their future in the hilly Baddi region
    Himanshu Kakkar
  • The general gloom in the automotive sector has not only put the brakes on Chakan’s growth but also silenced auto ancillaries in Aurangabad
    Sonia Mariam Thomas
  • The Tiruppur textile cluster has beaten the recessionary gloom and emerged stronger, besting even international rivals. Neighbouring Karur is playing catch-up. Can it succeed?
    Kripa Mahalingam
  • Visakhapatnam is reinventing itself into a cluster focused on the new economy, while its traditional industries continue to reel under a recessionary cycle and competition
    Krishna Gopalan
  • A shortage of skilled labour, hike in the power price and environmental activism are the primary bones of contention in Naroda in an otherwise stable business environment
    Rajat Ubhaykar
  • Already grappling with excess capacity, a slowdown in the real estate market has compounded the woes of ceramic tile units in Morbi
    Adit Mathai
  • Marble units in Kishangarh are grappling with low demand and high cost pressure but traders and businessmen remain optimistic
    Jitendra Kumar Gupta
  • Beset by infrastructural issues, Noida and neighbouring Faridabad struggle to keep companies from leaving for greener pastures
    Himanshu Kakkar
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the good life
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Mall developers in the country are in the middle of a roller coaster.
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Remembering the last great editor.
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view: POLICY
Though AAP may not have overreached on poll promises, its next few steps will decide if the Delhi govt can afford its generous subsidies
Parth J Shah
High Five
Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, talks about five ways to successfully lead a joint venture
Antony Jacob