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  • Yum Brands is investing big time in KFC and Taco Bell to ensure it becomes the No. 1 restaurant company in India by 2020. Will it work?
    Himanshu Kakkar
  • The inaugural Budget of the NDA government hopes to revive animal spirits with many incremental steps
    Adit Mathai
  • A bunch of technology veterans has come together to fund and mentor start-ups with proven ideas and assured revenue streams
    Kripa Mahalingam
  • Industrial products manufacturers borrow a leaf from consumer product companies to connect directly with B2B buyers
    Vikas Kumar
  • Essar Oil’s decision to voluntarily delist from the bourses raises issues of corporate governance and transparency
    Twesh Mishra
"Indian Entrepreneurs Are More Measured Than The Chinese"
Entrepreneurship is an expression of individual freedom and deserves as much protection as freedom of speech.
The Star Attraction
Why celebrity endorsement is now becoming par for the course for advertisers
Deluge Of A Different Kind
The monsoon may be playing truant but equity mutual funds are experiencing a heavy downpour
C'est la vie
The Pearl By The Sea
Ditch Dubai and explore the mirage that is the Qatari peninsula
Editor’s note
Unlike the long-winding speech by the finance minister, our Budget analysis is focused on highlighting the flash points.
N Mahalakshmi
While new legislation regarding related-party transactions is a welcome step, implementing it will be a colossal challenge
Sai Venkateshwaran
guest column
In its maiden outing, the NDA has lost a chance to deliver a credible roadmap to contain fiscal deficit and shown a reluctance to push through key reforms
Saurabh Mukherjea
guest column
Compared with their ‘defensive’ brethren, some sectors continue to be depressively priced despite the recent run-up
Chaitanya Dalmia