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  • Time is running out for Kalanithi Maran’s once-invincible empire as the broadcasting and airline businesses lose their mojo
    Krishna Gopalan
  • Given the new prime minister’s track record in Gujarat, investors are looking forward to a business-friendly regime. The feeling is that this time it may, indeed, be different. It better be, because we
    Rajesh Padmashali
  • BJP MP from Hazaribagh, Jayant Sinha, on what India needs from the world and what the world can expect from India
    Jayant Sinha
  • How Bisleri is looking to create a whole new category in the beverages market with its non-caffeine energy drink
    Rajat Ubhaykar
Making Fun Of English
How Karadi Path is making it easier for students to learn the English language in classrooms through action, emotion and drama
A Lot More To Stuff In
After cracking the premium and mid-range luggage category, Samsonite’s new global CEO Ramesh Tainwala wants a piece of the mass segment. Will it come easy?
Junk Food
Revamping its menu and aggressively opening new stores are now a staple feature of Jubilant FoodWork’s growth strategy. But deteriorating numbers tell a different story
C'est la vie
Watches Whose Time Has Come
Seventy-two Swiss watches in the runnng for top honours in Geneva are now in India. Here's a Dekko
The new prime minister has brought renewed hope to a nation where even many of its educated citizenry are self-serving.
N Mahalakshmi
Impact investors seem to be focused on financial return rather than helping social entrepreneurs solve problems at the base of the pyramid
Hardika Shah
Head, TV business, HomeShop18
Laveena Iyer
high five
Nitin Prasad, Managing director, shell lubricants, Shell India Markets, on five ways to build team spirit
Nitin Prasad