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  • Flipkart’s furious pace of growth has been wheeled by aggressive discounts resulting in a fair bit of red ink. As it buys sales with hard cash, its business model is now in question
    Kripa Mahalingam
  • The burger and fries pasha may no longer be the only player in town but that is hardly a deterrent as it goes about deepening its market reach
    Rajesh Padmashali
  • A bunch of digital media firms are going beyond conventional advertising norms to be a part of the social media revolution
    Sonia Mariam Thomas
  • The new owners of Pantaloons are keen to erase the retailer’s legacy of affordable fashion by moving up the value chain and setting up more and more stores. Will the aggressive bet pay off?
    Meghna Maiti
emerging business
A Storehouse Of Growth
How a bunch of private players are looking to plug a serious gap and create value in India’s agri supply chain
Looking Beyond Tobacco
Unlisted major DS Group is eyeing new growth drivers in the FMCG space to dwarf its core tobacco and mouth freshener businesses
Why Value Investors Fancy J&K Bank
Despite short-term setbacks thanks to big-ticket defaulters and crippling floods in its home state, the long-term outlook doesn’t seem too dire for J&K Bank
C'est la vie
Royal Diktat
How a monarch’s choice of chhota peg paved the way for legal distillation of scotch whiskey
With many new burger companies rushing in, McDonald’s is ready to protect its turf
N Mahalakshmi
The right attributes of a successful leader is that he is a perpetual learner — a trait that will see him through challenging times
Rathin Basu
The author of Discovering Your Sweet Spot — A Soul Searching Guide for Creating the Life You Really Want shares his wisdom
Outlook Business
high five
UBS India MD Aashish Kamat on how to create a culture of accountability
Aashish Kamat