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India’s best NGOs to work for
These enterprises* have earned their title by blending social good with employee welfare

Aggregating growth, generating capital

More than a foreign exchange and travel services company, Thomas Cook India could resemble a cash spewing machine

Rajesh Padmashali | MAR 15 , 2014

Critical condition

Drug majors are shifting clinical trials out of India as lawmakers turn on the heat

Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 01 , 2014

Populist or pragmatic?

The rise of the Aam Aadmi in business

Kripa Mahalingam, Krishna Gopalan | FEB 01 , 2014

It will need a miracle to stop a Narendra Modi-led NDA from coming to power in 2

Outlook Group chairman Vinod Mehta delves into an outcome that could well be inevitable.

Vinod Mehta | JAN 18 , 2014

The dairy explosion

Dairy players are cashing in on the rising demand for high-margin value-added milk products

Krishna Gopalan | DEC 21 , 2013

The co-operative corporate

How India’s biggest co-operative dairy Amul is scripting its growth strategy

Krishna Gopalan | DEC 21 , 2013

Kneading a growth story

Having perfected the art of trading in grains, Cargill now wants to make its mark in branded staples

Rajesh Padmashali | OCT 26 , 2013

Sticking to his knitting

Ramesh Iyer is confident about sustaining growth despite an inflexible regulator thwarting their banking plans

Rajesh Padmashali | OCT 12 , 2013

Low-cost warriors

Can Mittu Chandilya and Tony Fernandes shake up Indian Aviation?

Rajesh Padmashali | SEP 14 , 2013

Inside Dr Reddy's

Dr Reddy's is adapting to industry dynamics and seizing opportunities while staying true to the founder’s vision

Kripa Mahalingam | AUG 17 , 2013

All style no substance

Surging prices, rising inventory and falling sales do not bode well for the real estate market.

Shabana Hussain | JUL 20 , 2013

No room for store brands

Private labels are the mainstay of global retailers but it will be a while before they make their mark in India

Team Outlook Business | MAY 11 , 2013

Made to order

Prateek Apparel's design-to-delivery model appeals to retailers, but maintaining margins is a struggle

Taneesha Kulshrestha | MAY 11 , 2013

A taste of things to come

Indira Foods is on a strong footing to meet the next wave of private label growth

Taneesha Kulshrestha | MAY 11 , 2013

Bringing back the sparkle

Trisis Corp's cleaning products' business is a perfect springboard for its own upcoming brands

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 11 , 2013

The milky way

How Danone is differentiating itself in the Indian dairy market

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 11 , 2013

Lights, camera, digital

High capital costs notwithstanding, single-screen theatres are embracing digital technology

Team Outlook Business | APR 27 , 2013

Looks good, but could be a sticky wicket

Cricket advertising has been a breeze so far, but those splurging on it are now asking some hard questions

Krishna Gopalan | APR 13 , 2013

Act II

Mukesh Ambani is readying for a grand come back in the telecom space and this time, it is more than a price play

Krishna Gopalan, Rashmi K Pratap | MAR 30 , 2013

The mix nixed

What will happen to gutkha manufacturers as state after state bans all forms of chewing tobacco?

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 30 , 2013

Buyer’s market

A number of private equity investors are stuck in the middle, struggling to find profitable exits

Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 02 , 2013

Manna? Not quite

Is Private Equity the light at the end of the tunnel or the headlights of an oncoming train?

Srivatsa Krishna | MAR 02 , 2013

Pipe dreams

Andhra Pradesh's decision to allow power generation using imported gas could have far-reaching implications

Kandula Subramaniam | FEB 16 , 2013

Not new, but improved

Nitin Paranjpe has put premium products at the centre of HUL’s growth strategy, but is this good enough ?

Ajita Shashidhar | JAN 19 , 2013