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India’s best NGOs to work for
These enterprises* have earned their title by blending social good with employee welfare

The emerging world of 3D printing

3D printing ecosystem is quietly taking shape in India with corporates leveraging the technology 

Rajat Ubhaykar | MAR 06 , 2015

"I like India and I want it to balance the rising power of China"

Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal talks to Outlook Business about falling crude, Arab Spring and PM Modi

N Mahalakshmi, V Keshavdev | FEB 06 , 2015

Do-gooders Inc

A new class of entrepreneurs are walking the tightrope between profit and social impact. And they are here to stay

Rajat Ubhaykar | JAN 23 , 2015

Ronald McDonald, we have company

The burger pasha may no longer be the only player in town but that's not a deterrent as it expands its market reach

Rajesh Padmashali | NOV 28 , 2014

Clear and present danger

Wheeled by aggressive discounts, Flipkart's business model is now in question as it buys sales with hard cash

Kripa Mahalingam | NOV 14 , 2014

Hype, hope, expectation

Given the new prime minister's track record in Gujarat, investors are looking forward to a business-friendly regime

Rajesh Padmashali | OCT 31 , 2014

What India brings to the table

BJP MP from Hazaribagh, Jayant Sinha, on what India needs from the world and what the world can expect from India

Jayant Sinha | OCT 31 , 2014

Is the sun setting on Maran's empire?

Time is running out for Kalanithi Maran's once-invincible empire

Krishna Gopalan | OCT 17 , 2014

A brand new spin

The Lalbhai family is knitting a strategy that aims to transform Arvind into a retail and brand powerhouse

Krishna Gopalan | SEP 19 , 2014

Hungry for more

Yum Brands is investing big time in KFC and Taco Bell to become the no.1 restaurant company in India by 2020

Himanshu Kakkar | AUG 08 , 2014

The long and short of it

Instead of timing the market, investment in equities needs to be viewed from an asset allocation perspective

Samir Arora | JUN 21 , 2014

Hush on the shop floor

With significant excess capacity plaguing the industry, recovery in investments will be slow and painful

Neelkanth Mishra | JUN 21 , 2014

The unfinished agenda

First, the government should tackle problems that grounded the economy’s earlier growth engine

Subba Rao Amarthaluru | JUN 21 , 2014

Future Tense

UltraTech will have to up the ante in its bid to retain supremacy over the domestic cement market

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 24 , 2014

Straying off course

Fast growing companies of FY14

Team Outlook Business | MAY 10 , 2014

Waiting for the next big leap

Lasting tie-ups with international players, besides innovation, have kept this chlorinated PVC market leader going

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 10 , 2014

Flush with success

Sanitaryware brand Cera has its designs on a stronger pan-India presence in the near future

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 10 , 2014

At your service

eClerx is now surging ahead, thanks to its marquee clients and robust execution

Kripa Mahalingam | MAY 10 , 2014

Opulence forever?

How a very popular north Indian brand is keeping itself relevant in the hyper-competitive jewellery market

Himanshu Kakkar | MAY 10 , 2014

Getting the chemistry right

The specialty chemicals player is ramping up capacity to keep growth ticking

Krishna Gopalan | MAY 10 , 2014

All hope, no fear

Will them momentum be sustained as the market has run ahead of realities in anticipation of a Modi-led government?

UR Bhat | APR 26 , 2014

No defence

Whether you assume an economic revival or a slump post-election, one thing is certain: defensives will disappoint

Chaitanya Dalmia | APR 26 , 2014

Election manna

Why media companies are celebrating the election

Krishna Gopalan | APR 26 , 2014

Smelling the coffee

Why Starbucks is taking a measured approach to expansion of its coffeehouse chain in the country

Krishna Gopalan | APR 12 , 2014