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ESG Stands For Future-Proofing Business: Dipankar Ghosh

Concepts of sustainable finance or responsible investment are here to stay, and, increasingly, businesses need to demonstrate their ESG quotient to attract money. Capital markets, globally, are networked like never before, and alternatives will be difficult if red flags are raised about a business by any investor 

Recently, while interviewing a young aspirant who was looking for an opportunity to switch to environmental, social and governance (ESG) consulting—he had spent some years in the manufacturing industry and been working closely with the strategy leader in the company— the conversation pivoted around the imperative of businesses towards an ESG framework. I was impressed to note that his company, despite being an unknown name in the business category, had substantially committed to ESG matters. At some point, when asked why his company considers the ESG framework important, unsurprisingly, he said that there was no choice: their investors insisted on it and customers demanded it.