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Being Women-friendly At The Core

This year, Great Place to Work® India recognised 150 compaies as ‘India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2021’, honouring 100 organisations with an employee strength of more than 500 (in the large companies category), and 50 with employee strength between 100 and 500 (in the mid-size companies category). We bring you additional details from among the Top 10 in both categories, with employee testimoials  

Published 3 years ago on Oct 01, 2021 9 minutes Read

Aegis Customer Support Services (a Startek Company)

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: Startek is a leading global provider of IT-enabled business process outsourcing solutions. The company has over 42,000 outsourcing experts across 49 delivery campuses in 13 countries that are committed to delivering seamless and transformative customer experience for clients.

India HQ: Mumbai

Employee Strength: 12,424
“The organisation has assembled a dream team to build a billion-dollar company in less than six years. This is an incredible journey packed with speed, resilience and resolve. It invests in development of its resources, through various training initiatives and provides equal opportunities to all in terms of growth and job assignment.” 

Cisco Systems India

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: CISCO is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. 85 per cent of the internet traffic travels across Cisco’s systems and it supports, manages and operates business systems for various third parties.

India HQ: Bengaluru

Employee Strength: 12,155
“Cisco encourages us to balance our personal and professional life. I feel proud about how Cisco contributes to the society. It is a fun place to work that always tries to bring out the best in each individual.”

Ericsson India

Industry: Telecommunications

Business Description: Ericsson is one of the leading providers of information and communication technology (ICT) to service providers. They enable the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt, and scale, making their customers successful in a fully connected world.
India HQ: Gurugram

Employee Strength: 1,414
“Ericsson is indeed a great place to work for as it respects all equally and an employee feels well equipped to do his/her job well. I believe in Ericsson’s leadership and transparency while communicating. It also promotes a good work-life balance.”

GCC Services India (AB InBev)

Industry: Other

Business Description: GCC Services India is the global capability center for AB InBev­—located in Bengaluru, India. The center has three primary verticals—operations, technology and analytics with various capabilities providing services to business units in zones such as north America, Europe, Africa and some BUs in APAC.

India HQ: Bengaluru

Employee Strength: 1,865

“One of the very few companies that genuinely takes interest in its employees’ career growth and takes their feedback seriously. Employee Engagement Survey is one of the best examples I can quote which is to say: This is the company that walks the talk.”

HERE Technologies

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: HERE is a leader in mapping and location technology. They enable rich, real-time location applications and experiences for consumers, vehicles, enterprises and cities. By partnering with world-leading automakers, they are powering four out of five in-car navigation systems

India HQ: Mumbai

Employee Strength: 4,193

“The company takes pride in giving equal opportunities to all employees enabling them to grow. It invests a lot in employee development and provides them with opportunities. The senior management communicates to the employees on a regular basis and keeps them apprised of necessary developments. Also, HERE is home to more than just one culture. With locations in over 150 cities across more than 50 countries, the organisation truly believes that diversity and inclusion are key components to their success.”


Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: HP’s  vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere – every person, every organisation, and every community around the globe. This motivates and inspires them to do what they do.

India HQ: Bengaluru

Employee Strength: 7,080
“HP is more like home away from home. We have great people to work with. There is always a secure feeling working here. Plus, being a mother I am able to balance my work, home and studies at the same time.”

Intuit India

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: Intuit India is a business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

India HQ: Bengaluru

Employee Strength: 1,037

“Intuit has always kept employees at the centre of all that they do. It’s part of their culture because of which employees feel wanted and don’t question the intentions of the company. Intuit embodies its values, especially customer obsession. Programmes like A4A, D4D & CDI, and unstructured time depict the organisation’s inclination towards creating a unique culture. The company takes pride in launching programmes aimed at promoting a work-life balance and supporting employees during life events.”

Mastercard Incorporated

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: The company works to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible.

India HQ: Pune

Employee Strength: 3,486

“The working environment here is extremely cordial with everyone willing to help each other at all times. The management and the executive teams are easily approachable and extremely receptive to feedback. Mastercard takes utmost care in ensuring that we have happy customers and does not tolerate any sort of unethical behaviour. There are various programmes at the global, India and functional levels that engage employees in high impact projects. It helps us gain meaningful development experience and encourages us to imbibe incremental & disruptive ideation in our approach. Plus, there are several self-governed groups for people who come together based on similar interests or experiences and act as support mechanisms.”

NatWest India

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: NatWest India is engaged in the business of providing back office/ IT support services in the nature of information technology and information technology enabled services.

India HQ: Gurugram

Employee Strength: 13,456
“Natwest has benchmark practices as a great place to work in. A clearly defined value system underpins everything that is done by and within the organisation. During the pandemic, the company provided utmost support to us. Giving salaries on time, letting us take time off from work if needed and checking on us regularly. NatWest also helps us to learn new skills (soft skills and technical skills), and provides us with various resources to learn.”

Whirlpool of India

Industry: Manufacturing & Production

Business Description: Whirlpool corporation strengthened its India presence in 1995 when it acquired a majority ownership of TVS Whirlpool Limited in India and bought Kelvinator. Today, with 30 branch offices and three manufacturing locations in Faridabad, Ranjangaon (Pune) and Puducherry, the company is increasing its market share significantly.

India HQ: Gurugram

Employee Strength: 2,040
“The organisation recognises the efforts put by people irrespective of the number of years spent in the organisation. There have been instances where people have won the ‘Pinnacle Award’ (Best performer within every Department) within the first year of their stint with Whirlpool. The company propels the concept of ‘One Whirlpool’, an idea which increases cross-functional cooperation, reduces friction and narrows down the target to common realizable goals.”

Chalet Hotels

Industry: Hospitality

Business Description: Chalet Hotels Limited (CHL) is an owner, developer and asset manager of high-end hotels in key metro cities of India. The company’s hotel platform comprises six operating hotels including one with a serviced residence, located in the key Indian cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Pune.

India HQ: Mumbai

Employee Strength: 137
“The company is like one big family. It takes good care of its employees and provides everyone with an opportunity to learn and grow. It truly is my second home. Chalet Hotels organises several leadership and mentoring programmes for women and promotes a supportive and positive environment. Its Fab Women is a Chalet Women’s Connect Group that reaches out to all female employees and empowers them to lead a better lifestyle, both at work and at home.”

Euronics Industries

Industry: Trading

Business Description: Founded in 2002, the company was founded to capture the white space offered in the public washroom automation accessories segment by the fast-growing Indian IT and hospitality sector. Now, with over 15 pan India offices, four international offices and a 225+ strong workforce, Euronics is a preferred brand for almost every leading Indian corporation.

India HQ: Gurugram

Employee Strength: 247

“Euronics stands out among other companies because of its values. Employees are given the freedom to take decisions and are kept motivated through various activities.  It offers a supportive work environment to all its employees with multiple initiatives in place. It gives us a sense of assurance. Apart from providing medical insurance and ESIC facilities, Euronics also provides interest free loans to everyone. During Covid, the company helped several of its employees who were directly impacted.”


Industry: FMCG

Business Description: India’s first direct selling company and a major player in the industry, Modicare is driven by a passion to empower the dreamer within people. Their story is led by leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who care deeply about giving people the freedom to dream and the means to achieve them as well.

India HQ: Delhi

Employee Strength: 179

“Modicare respects ideas and encourages people to come forward.  The company looks after its people very well, be it salary, perks and other benefits.  It has a potential to grow further and provides each one of its employees with ample opportunities to grow within the organisation.”

Lennox India Technology Centre

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: At Lennox India Technology Centre (LITC), the focus is on collaborating with their global business partners in developing innovative and cost-effective products, systems and solutions that are energy efficient and make their life comfortable.

India HQ: Chennai

Employee Strength: 456

“Lennox stands out in terms of benefits and opportunities and it knows how to keep its employees happy. We have numerous things to dive in for our soft skills. It makes me feel like my second home. Lennox India considers employees to be the true assets of the organisation, which is reflected in the employee-friendly policies that the company has. The company has an inspiring & motivating work culture – where employees’ growth & development is focused upon at all levels. We are appreciated & recognised for the efforts and initiatives taken by us.”

SAS Research and Development

Industry: Information Technology

Business Description: SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence, and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 75,000 sites make better decisions faster.

India HQ: Pune

Employee Strength: 454

“In my decade-long stay in the company, I have noticed the company’s graceful adaptation to mass scale changes. SAS has had a complete revamp of its technologies and developments/delivery models over the past couple of years, but none at the cost of employees’ discomfort. All the teams and employees feel more involved than before. The entire transformation has been so smooth and focused towards harmonious growth of employees and the company together.”