‘Industry safety is not a compliance requirement but a business investment’

Joseph K Oomen, managing director India, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, talks about building a safety culture at workplace to avoid industrial accidents and tragedies

Published a year ago on Jul 26, 2021 7 minutes Read
Joseph K Oomen, MD, DuPont Sustainable Solutions India

In India, over the past one year alone, we have witnessed multiple accidents at factories that resulted in loss of life and resources. There was the widely reported gas leak in Vishakapatnam from the LG Polymers facility which led to thousands being evacuated from neighbouring homes and hundreds hospitalised. Twelve people lost their lives. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. After the lockdown was lifted in 2020, just as the machinery began to creak back into action, there were other incidents of boilers bursting, fires breaking out, and heavy equipment falling and crushing workers. In fact, a Geneva-based group found that industrial accidents happened every other day in May 2020. Experts say most of these tragedies could have been averted, had the company taken a bit more care with its safety culture. At the Advantage India Chemical Summit, Outlook Business’ editor N Mahalakshmi talks to Joseph K Oomen, managing director India, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, about building that culture. The session was co-moderated by Hardik Joshipura, CEO, Innovassynth Technologies.