State Of The Economy 2012

Blazing a new trail

The state is putting its tumultuous past behind, and embracing growth. Leading this change is a willing and able government machinery

Photographs by Soumik Kar

Why is Gujarat equated with Godhra? Don’t you have riots in other states?” asks a sugarcane juice seller on the street in Gandhinagar. “Instead of seeing the development in our state, you’re stuck in the past,” he accuses even as he shoves a tall glass of the sweet juice at us. He isn’t the only one who is tired of references to the two months of rioting across Gujarat in 2002. We’re on our way to Udyog Bhawan in the state capital, but the bureaucrat we were to meet backs out. “Journalists meet us, ask about Gujarat’s development and then go back to write about Godhra. I don’t want to talk to the media anymore,” he declares.