Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur 2018

“If you are dispassionate, you'll win — that's my greatest lesson from Bhagwad Gita”

Secret Diary of Ajay Piramal — Part  3 

Soumik Kar

In life, you are free to choose the path you want but there will always be trade-offs. While we grew by acquiring and shaking hands with multinational companies, we could not capitalise on “generics”. It didn’t make sense competing with the companies we were partners with. We chose to grow our business through contract manufacturing instead, keeping the trust with global companies intact. Those days, there was a lot of mistrust so we didn’t want to end up as competitors. We did decide to grow the research wing though, but didn’t have much breakthrough. Nearly 15 years of research didn’t work out. We had to write it off. Not everything works out, but you should be clear what you want. If you do, eventually, the bet will pay off.