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Viraj Bahl | Veeba Foods | Stressbusters

Founder and MD of Veeba Foods recognises the important things in life — spending time with his family instantly lightens up his mood

Published 4 years ago on Feb 09, 2020 1 minute Read

A movie that inspires you…
Jerry Maguire by Cameron Crowe — the story of a man following his passion and his commitment to start his own agency is fascinating.

...and a song?
It has to be Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It reminds me to always stay focused and keep doing more.

When anxiety sets in?
Breathing exercises works instantaneously. It calms me down and helps me regain my focus. Sipping on a glass of water is another quick fix.

Other ways to de-stress?
Playing with my kids always helps me relax. I look forward to meeting them every evening, more so on days that have been extremely taxing. Brisk walking is good too.

Lowest point in your life? How did you deal with it?
The first eight months of Veeba were particularly difficult. My first consignment was rejected and I was feeling terrible. Then, I realised that the best response was to keep working without losing focus.