Magic Book of Business

Sameer Nair | Applause Entertainment

The CEO of Applause Entertainment believes in moving forward by always chasing excellence

Published 4 years ago on Jan 25, 2020 1 minute Read

A movie that inspires you…
The Rocky series starring Sylvester Stallone has been my go-to film for many years now. The protagonist’s philosophy about life is exhilarating: “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

...and a song?
I love Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror for what it asks us to do as individuals. In recent years, I have been moved more by title sequences than actual songs. Some of my favourites include the opening of Sopranos, Homeland, True Blood, House of Cards and El Chapo.

When anxiety sets in…
I switch off, or switch to another task or topic immediately. This is akin to counting to 10 when in anger. Distraction always helps with momentary stress.

Other ways to de-stress?
I am usually not easily stressed. But when I am, I break down tasks or problems into component parts; that way the overwhelming problem becomes a collection of smaller, easier-to-do things.

An anecdote or lesson you’d like to share?
Luckily for me, some advices from my ex-bosses have been terrific motivators. Anil ‘Billy’ Kapoor taught me to “communicate clearly, be polite and one can get away with anything”. Aubrey Sequeira told me: “Don’t chase money; chase excellence; because money chases excellence”.