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Scott Page on how workplace diversity is not just a good practice but also one that yields a bonus

University of Miami professor Caleb Everett on how the invention of numbers defines our perception of the world

Till Roenneberg takes a closer look at how our internal clock and sleeping pattern affect our lifestyle choices

Jonah Berger, professor at the Wharton School, on why social influence matters in marketing

Steven Pressfield on how to overcome the roadblocks of a creative pursuit

Can incentives do more harm than good? Sante Fe Institute's behavioural science professor Samuel Bowles has the answer

Santa Clara University's Meir Statman breaks down the tenets of behavioural finance to help you make smarter decisions

University of Wisconsin professor, Jordan Ellenberg, on how you can use math to make smart decisions in your daily life 

How does Economics affect our lives? Journalist Tim Harford explains more in The Undercover Economist

Nobel laureates George Akerlof and Robert Shiller on the non-economic motives that feature insidiously in our financial decisions  

University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler and Carl Sunstein of Harvard Law School show the path to refined decision-making

Duncan Clark introduces us to the English teacher who created an e-commerce empire in 'Alibaba'

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speaks to Outlook Business on his India strategy – Part 1  

Sikkim Manipal University's latest campaign breaks the clutter in education advertising

Investors can’t ignore the impact of technology in their investment checklist

Kinara Capital provides small ticket loans to enterprising SMEs that lack access to formal bank credit

Zipdial co-founder Valerie Wagoner is on a mission to bridge the technology gap in emerging economies 

Seedfund co-founder Bharati Jacob on why women don’t have to conform to the ‘loud and aggressive’ stereotype to succeed

KPIT's MD on his favourite singer 

University of San Diego's law and finance professor, Frank Partnoy is a thoughtful procrastinator

TCS' $35-million gift to Carnegie Mellon University is in sync with the philanthropy practised in the United States and by the Tata group

Lawrence Cunningham on what makes Berkshire sustainable and why he thinks the successor has it relatively easy

Meena & Vikram Kaushik on the events and places that bought them together

Nandini & Agnello Dias on finding time for travel despite their tough media jobs

Punita Kumar & Jayant Sinha on being passionate about finance & stocks

Sejal & Mukul Gulati on how they are each other's 'intellectual' soul mates

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