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The CEO of TalentSprint on his fondness for Japanese cuisine

Paul Krugman on the challenges ahead for the UK economy under David Cameron

Paul Singer on how China’s stock market crash may have larger implications than the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis

Elliott founder says the South Korean company has a “tremendous platform” and offers “tremendous value”

In How to Raise Successful People, Jessie Paul finds a refreshing read and the ‘TRICK’ behind being an effective parent

To create a company of one, the biggest asset is authenticity of the founder, writes Paul Jarvis

How can women break self-limiting habits to achieve greater success? Jessie Paul finds out in Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith's How Women Rise

Jessie Paul learns about the history and success of the TTK Group in 'Disrupt and Conquer'

Randstad India CEO Paul Dupuis' relentless pursuit on the ice rink has served him well as a leader

Washington Post writer, Amy Goldstein, on an American industrial town's return from the brink of decline

Former fighter pilot Paul Madera of Meritech Capital Partners on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to start-ups

Paul Writer's Jessie Paul emphasises the importance of securing your brand's reputation in the age of social media

Paul Writer's Jessie Paul discovers ways to make those ideation sessions more effective in R Sridhar's book

Jessie Paul describes the semiotics of branding with interesting examples from 'Signs, Symbols & Marketing Effectiveness'

The writer and philosopher Robert Pirsig passed away in April, even as United Airlines demonstrated in a spectacular fashion why CEOs need to embrace his ideas  

Jessie Paul on how humans can benefit from intelligent machines 

Yale professor Paul Bloom questions the conventional notion of a universal emotion in 'Against Empathy'

Jessie Paul discovers how different things motivate different people in this review of Dan Ariely's Payoff

TalentSprint's Santanu Paul on why our grey matter needs a major upgrade

Jessie Paul reviews Tim Harford's book 'Messy' 

CEO Satya Nadella talks about how augmented reality and artificial intelligence will transform life

Companies are not relying on star factor alone to drive sales. Will this break the jinx for celebrity brands?

TalentSprint's Santanu Paul explores the science behind word-of-mouth and the key to retaining customers

Jessie Paul reviews Ashok Soota and SR Gopalan's book 'Entrepreneurship Simplified'

In God we trust, all others need a formula says TalentSprint's Santanu Paul