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For 'loony', path-breaking ideas, you don't need exceptional individuals but the right organisation, writes Safi Bahcall    

There are whiskies and cognacs that are hidden away by luxury hotels, for they are so rare and cannot be frittered away

How a third-generation scion of a tea company ended up as a preferred component supplier to Boeing

Camlin Fine Sciences’ strategy of scaling new geographical and product frontiers is set to pay off after bleeding it for two years

Former FBI behavioural analyst Robin Dreeke decodes the method to inspire trust

No matter how busy the schedule, the Jagran Prakashan president makes time for reading 

Performance thoroughbreds from the stables of Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin  

The recent Lockheed-Tata deal will boost defense manufacturing in India

What does it take to be a real leader? Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones explain in this extract

HDFC Life's senior EVP Sanjay Tripathy reviews Martin Lindstrom's book 'Small Data'

An excerpt from 'The Small Big: Small changes that spark big influence' by Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein & Robert Cialdini

Global brand guru Martin Lindstrom highlights the importance of small data in understanding customer preferences

About 200 rare books on Indian art recently changed hands at an online auction

Martin Prosperity Institute's director Roger Martin is a champion doer and a practical idealist 

Researchers find that consumers are the ones to be blamed for the lack of voluntary disclosures by firms

Are markets mispricing geopolitical risks?

CEO of Amrapali Jewels on Damian Hirst and much more

Sony PlayStation's Country head talks about his favourite novel, Atlas shrugged and more

Arthveda Fund Management CEO explores the Mahatma’s early life in Gandhi before India by Ramachandra Guha 

What's a good way to battle crises?

Russell Napier’s Anatomy of the Bear is a must-read for investors

Martin Kreigner, country CEO, Lafarge India, on five ways to keep a check on manufacturing costs

The Oracle of Omaha sees striking similarities between investing and the card game

Sunil K Alagh reviews Playing to win, written by Alan Lafley and Roger Martin

Luxury experts' recommendations on how to succeed in the Indian market

Avant-garde designer Dilip Chhabria loves scale models as much as the real thing