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Real estate sees its higher ever PE inflow during the first half of 2017. What gives?

The fourth industrial revolution will be led by AI and robotics

Dimension NXG’s AR headset is best  in class both in terms of price and performance

Indian marketers are seeing value in virtual and augmented reality-based initiatives

Battling with huge production costs, do reality shows really make for a reasonable bet for TV channels? 

Hyunyoung Choi compares the effectiveness of internet-based channels and online ads

CEO Satya Nadella talks about how augmented reality and artificial intelligence will transform life

Astro Teller, the head of X, which is working on some of Google’s most ambitious  projects, talks on what’s going on at the “moonshot” factory

Billion-dollar start-ups are riding on both borrowed money and time

After a successful turnaround, SpiceJet wants to leverage the regional connectivity scheme and boost ancillary businesses

Shree Cement has had spectacular success in the North. Can it conquer the South and East?

Is the tide changing for good for the domestic fertiliser industry?

The nation's millennials have been infected with the Pokemon Go fever even before its official release

Stories of seven extraordinary businessmen who created far reaching economic and social impact

Mid-market hotels are finally offering guests better-than-budget properties for cheaper-than-luxury prices

Ground-up reporting shows how industry and agriculture are bearing the brunt of government inaction and warped policies

A shrewd grasp of the Indian real estate market has given domestic PE funds the upper hand

Housing finance companies have had a good run thus far but rich valuations are unlikely to sustain in future

Shane Parrish of Farnam Street on the art of reading, investing and multidisciplinary thinking

After a year around the 60 mark, the rupee has fallen 7% over fears of growing CAD and FII sell-off

As the CEO of Maruti Suzuki, Jagdish Khattar dealt with several challenging situations by building strong relationships with his team and ecosystem partners, and keeping his ear to the ground

While data explosion is a reality, our privacy laws are far from comforting

With the market losing ground, high dividend stocks with reasonable valuation could be a hiding place

With its ‘mixed’ reality games, Skipy Interactive is encouraging children to learn and be creative, all while having fun

We need to look closer at our reality and that of the Indian market before attempting to mirror the greatest investor ever

If you want to host an office party thousands of feet above the ground or need your aircraft to smell of a favourite fruit, hire a private charter for Rs.150,000 to Rs.600,000 an hour