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By analysing athletes, Alex Hutchinson's Endure explains how to apply their tactics to bolster our performance

Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang says autonomous cars are pretty safe now, and will get even safer

Nir Eyal reveals what drives one to distraction, and teaches  how to make pacts to keep the brain on track

There are uncountable ways to find happiness, but what really tickles your brain? Dean Burnett finds out in 'Happy Brain'

Does the time of day affect the nature of your decisions? Dan Pink reveals in When

UCLA’s Dean Buonomano breaks down the functions and malfunctions of the brain in today’s information-saturated world

QSR chains such as McDonald's, KFC & Domino's are tweaking their recipe for growth

Cleantech company Ecozen Solutions is riding on solar energy to power its growth engine  

Sedemac empowers the brain of small engines with strong algorithms to perform better   

Honey Hut plans to bring a new twist to the concept of cafe chains 

Productivity expert David Allen talks about the need to keep things simple

VG Siddhartha wants to grow Cafe Coffee Day into one of the top café chains in the world

Can Vijay Sales hold its own against bigger electronic retail chains?

Shoppers Stop’s vice-chairman BS Nagesh on increasing footfalls at retail chains

When it comes to clothes for the young, retail chains and small street shops hold their own ground

Three hotel chains have successfully mastered the art of transforming heritage buildings into paying propositions