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Author David Robson plays explains how high IQ, education and expertise could fuel stupidity  

Ray Dalio's Big Debt Crises takes you through the fundamentals of lending, and how good loans keep the wheels of an economy running

CEO Virginia Rometty describes the broad consumer impact of Watson, the tech major’s artificial intelligence platform

Be careful before you remove the human from the consumer engagement equation 

Janelle Shane takes a hilarious route to explain what artificial intelligence really is, how it works and what it gets wrong

Author Caroline Stokes argues that companies with emotionally intelligent leaders will be much more successful

With economic growth slowing, the stock market might just be staring at more earning downgrades

The fourth industrial revolution will be led by AI and robotics

In his book, Vinit Goenka makes a strong case for why India needs to fight data ‘colonisation’ and strive for data supremacy

If your smile is worth a thousand silvers, a frown is probably worth a lot more. Here’s an AI start-up that tracks your emotions and helps brands make their content stick

Still think the folks in HR play Solitaire all day? You’ll be surprised by the technology they are deploying to manage manpower better

Nebulaa’s MATT grain analyser ensures better pricing for farmers

Be it detecting malware or pirated content, Volon has a solution for every cybersecurity need

Businesses are hankering for digital solutions, and IT industry’s biggies are reinventing themselves to cash in

Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make driving a safer experience

Joshua Gans, Avi Goldfarb and Ajay Agrawal use economic tools to discuss the power of artificial intelligence

Switchon helps factories optimise performance by proactively detecting technical woes

Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson discuss the implications of three technological developments in business

Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie delve into causality and its role in science and AI

If machines can talk to each other, why can’t academia and industry, asks DRDO’s Satheesh Reddy 

Innovative start-ups from India and around the world that are leveraging AI and technology to reshape business

Innovative start-ups from around the world that are making technological breakthroughs

Global start-ups that have successfully combined innovation and impact

Artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things are fast becoming the fulcrum of business transition

Visit’s AI-driven chatbot is looking to change the way patients consult doctors

Rajiv Kumar, vice-chairman, NITI Aayog on leveraging the Digital India initiative and extending innovation from the classroom to the shop floor