“Trust is crucial to build and foster an agile and responsive culture”

Ankur Mittal, managing director, Lowe’s India, on five ways to manage a multicultural workforce

Published 4 years ago on Mar 07, 2020 1 minute Read

Build trust: In the workplace, trust is built by aligning actions with words. Prompt and candid communication leads to mutual understanding and respect for differing viewpoints. It is a crucial step to build and foster an agile and responsive culture, which is the cornerstone of successful organisations.

Appreciate diversity: Today’s business landscape is increasingly global with daily cross-continental interactions. By identifying and embracing cultural differences rather than ignoring them, organisations can create stronger, more connected international teams and better relationships with customers and prospects, allowing them to thrive in the global competitive landscape.

Sidestep stereotyping: Having company-wide policies that enforce non-tolerance towards discrimination of employees creates a sense of acceptance in their minds and reassures them of their rights. Mentoring and shadowing programmes for new employees also reinforces commitment. 

Promote cross-cultural learning: Best practices lead to an overall increase in organisational efficiency. Proactively push employees across geographies to share their learning from success and failure. This increases output through collaboration and fosters a more congenial work atmosphere.

Train and reward: Cross functional roles across geographies increases interaction and promotes healthy competition. Periodic seminars and rewarding employees will create a space to break barriers, boost morale and achieve organisational goals.