Taking Off Conveniently

No place is far away and no travel plan difficult to make, thanks to online travel companies which have redefined convenience with their range of products and services that cater to every aspect of travel. Rajesh Magow, co-founder and group CEO of online travel company MakeMyTrip, describes five ways in which these companies have come of age in India

Published 6 months ago on Sep 01, 2023 1 minute Read

1. Wide Range of Services

Travellers today prefer a single-point shopping experience with all travel products and services at one place. Online travel companies provide convenience, transparency and, most importantly, a comparison of prices and benefits offered by different service providers, helping their customers make an informed choice.

2. Personalisation

In today’s times, technology has evolved so much that you can leverage data in a constructive way to offer solutions catering to individual preferences. Future technologies, like Chat GPT, and extensive data tools are being deployed to power personalised recommendations, curated itineraries and customised services.

3. Discoverability of the Unexplored

Travel as a sector can be enriched only when discoverability and research for potential destinations become deeply entrenched with the service supply ecosystem. User reviews and curated content are increasingly offered in formats that are easy to consume using the latest technology like artificial intelligence.

4. Consciousness Towards Sustainability

Many travel companies now emphasise on eco-friendly accommodations, carbon offset programmes and collaborations with local organisations to promote responsible tourism. They are playing an essential role in promoting sustainable tourism to their accommodation partners like hotels and homestays, and in educating travellers to act responsibly.

5. Enhanced Customer Service

Online travel companies have raised the bar for customer service efficacy by shifting to self-serve models that expedite issue resolution. Round-the-clock assistance through multiple channels, including chatbots, self-help automation and social media are now being used effectively.