“It is important to challenge the status quo and drive change wherever needed”

Ketan Patel, managing director, HP India on five ways to boost morale during tough times 

Published 3 years ago on May 07, 2021 1 minute Read

Acknowledge and empathize: While navigating a rough patch, leaders need to devote additional time to listen to and acknowledge every stakeholder’s issue with empathy and an open mind. This feedback from employees, customers or partners can help one understand the ground reality and arrive at sustainable solutions.  

Create belief in the future: Inspire employees by showing them the mid-to-long term growth path. A tried and tested approach is sharing every incremental success story with employees. These are credible and impactful in creating belief within the organisation.

Bite the bullet: It is critical to display agility and adaptability. Take tough decisions from the front that can enable the change needed to navigate the path to the future. It is important to challenge the status quo, and drive change wherever needed.

Celebrate and personalise: Nothing boosts morale more than recognition. Celebrate small wins, reward and recognise achievement, and personalise the contribution to make it special. Communicate the constant progress of employees and the organisation during town halls and all employee meetings.

Give back: Encourage employees to participate in activities related to sustainability, people and community building. During challenging times, community service generates a sense of belonging and encourages people to perform better.