“Break silos to create cross-functional and flat teams for greater agility”

BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder and Executive Chairman, Cyient, on five ways to build an entrepreneurial culture 

Published 3 years ago on Nov 06, 2020 1 minute Read

Challenge the Status Quo: Motivate your team by laying the foundation for a clear and collective vision. Reinforcing it with fairness and integrity will propel them to challenge the status quo. A shared vision enables teams to move forward in unison and achieve goals.

Design for Efficiency: Nimble-footed, lean organisations can weather disruption. Realign the organisational structure periodically to enhance creativity and efficiency. Irrespective of the reporting hierarchy, allow associates to work as partners, bring their best to the table and exchange feedback.

Pursue excellence: Proactively engage with your team to continuously improve all elements of the business. Innovate relentlessly in product, process or the business model. Encourage curiosity, calculated risk-taking and learning from failures. Recognise, reward and celebrate innovation.

Sustain agility: Break silos to create cross-functional and flat teams for greater agility. Empower yet enhance accountability. Promote learning, open communication and peer recognition. Create avenues for socialising, bonding and keep team morale high.

Build Leadership: Identify and train leaders who demonstrate impeccable integrity, inspire trust and unwavering passion toward the overall organisational vision. Their track record and eventual rise will empower and motivate other individuals and teams.