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Soumik Kar

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Conically yours
Why do you need plain bread when you can fill up your favourite Indian curry in a cone instead?

Sonia Mariam Thomas

When one thinks of cones, ice cream is the first thing that comes to mind. That is precisely why the next venture by Amit Banka (of Unilazer Ventures fame) with Vinay Gupta, Rudra Pratap Singh and Nitin Gupta comes as a surprise to those not used to playing with their food.

Banka’s QSR, Cones and Curries, offers 25 items traditionally consumed with bread served in a cone instead. Says Banka, “Indian cuisine is heavy on bread, be it as naan or pav. A lot of research went into finding out what works in terms of texture and flavour while also holding together the ingredients.” The store not only serves pizza in a cone but also dal makhani and pav bhaji

Priced between ₹45 and ₹120, these items are currently served at a Delhi outlet, with plans for 10-15 more by next year. Started with an initial investment of ₹1.5 crore, the Delhi outlet is growing at 15-20% monthly. Being in the restaurant business, however, is a big risk for a start-up. But Banka is not worried. “We zeroed in on smaller spaces with minimal seating area and have focused on delivery.” The firm is currently marketing itself through flyers and food samples distributed locally. While still not sure about when the company will hit break-even, the founders are pleased with the ₹3 lakh revenue per month.

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