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Women empowerment is core of Dr.Leena S' The Nail Artistry

The grooming industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but The Nail Artistry has managed to weather the crisis

Published 3 years ago on Nov 17, 2020 3 minutes Read

A nice hairstyle, well fitted clothes that are worn with elegance, and good makeup always go a long way in attracting people’s attention despite the age old adage that says - never trust first impressions. 

“Appearance matters and that’s how we form opinions about others. People use it to their advantage by paying extra attention to their looks and benefit from the positive impression they make. We truly believe that everyone must look their best and that’s exactly what we offer,” says Dr. Leena S., a successful woman entrepreneur who grew up in Dubai, studied dentistry from Bengaluru, dabbled in modelling and acting before establishing her nationally recognized salon chain, The Nail Artistry.

“We all must appreciate that apart from one’s face, it’s our hands that get the most attention from others. Proper manicure can be as extensive as taking care of your face and it actually gives you confidence and makes you ready for the subtle scrutiny,” says Dr. Leena S.

The grooming industry has been among the worst affected because of the COVID-19 induced lockdown. While it’s been a difficult phase for The Nail Artistry too, but Dr. Leena is not a woman who’d give up when facing a challenge.

“Like everyone else, the lockdown hit us hard. We have mostly young women working at our salons and their families depend upon their earnings. We made sure that none of our employees suffered because of money issues. We paid everyone’s salaries even when our salons were shut down. I was available to them throughout the lockdown for counselling. As an entrepreneur I knew I had to be strong for my team. We all must stay positive to see through such dire circumstances. Thankfully, I am a Taurean and have strong will power,” says Dr. Leena S. with a smile.

A new world order has emerged in the wake of challenges posed by COVID-19. These challenges include a sharpened focus on hygiene and disinfection at the workplace. Being in an industry that relies on close interactions for service delivery, The Nail Artistry has quickly adapted itself to make sure that all its employees and customers are absolutely safe.

“I am a strong advocate of women empowerment and have always provided a very safe working environment to my team. We have even greater focus on safety for everyone now,” says Dr. Leena S. while elaborating upon the steps her salon has taken. “Being a qualified dentist myself, I understand the significance of hygiene and avoiding infections. In fact, our hygiene procedures were our USP even before the lockdown. We have autoclave machines to sterilize all instruments that we use. Now we also disinfect all manicure and pedicure pods after every session. We follow procedures and hygiene protocols that one expects only from big hospitals.”

With safety, The Nail Artistry also offers its clients a luxe experience by treating them like royalty. All clients are offered iPads and headphones with a wide range of Netflix and Amazon movies and music available to keep them entertained while they get pampered. That’s not all. All customers are also offered a variety of mocktails and munchies. 

Clearly, The Nail Artistry is not only the most luxurious salon in India but also the safest during the pandemic. The safety measures carried out at the salon are literally unmatched. No wonder Dr. Leena S. is enthusiastic about her plans to expand the operations of The Nail Artistry with four new salons, one each in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa and Dubai in the coming few months. 

“I hope we are able to keep our promise to our patrons in these cities and start operations there soon. After the stressful scare of COVID-19, our patrons deserve a wholesome luxurious experience whenever they visit one of our salons,” says Dr. Leena S. with pride as she signs off.

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