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Vandana Tolani: A Model Woman Entrepreneur

A woman entrepreneur, Vandana Tolani , is redefining the consulting industry with a boutique investment bank, convanto. Convanto advises small, medium, and large enterprises on raising capital, finding their product-market fit, branding strategy and brand positioning. Vandana Tolani, in her path-breaking efforts is bringing money, creating value, and driving growth for her clients. Ms Tolani speaks to Outlook Business. 

Published 2 years ago on Aug 13, 2022 3 minutes Read

As a professional turned entrepreneur, what are your major learnings?

If you’re willing to learn from failure, it’s a great teacher. “You learn more from failures than from victories,” the saying goes. No matter how big or tiny, every failure may teach you something. Analyze what went wrong, when and where, and then devise strategies to guarantee that those errors are remedied.

Building an ideal team is essential for corporate success. You want to assemble a solid workforce that supports every facet of your company. Find individuals who are authorities in their area and recruit, mentor, or collaborate with them. Your team may consist of full or part-time workers as well as independent contractors, consultants, and mentors; not everyone on it ought to be a worker.

As a serial entrepreneur, you’re always searching for the next big adventure and methods to harness and profit from it. You must always have one hand on the wheel and other on the future. “Make a sincere effort to comprehend how the industry is evolving. Analyze the changes you see in the business sector by keeping an eye on them. Examine which industries are leading the pack. Consider how you may utilize or integrate new technologies like AI to enhance current procedures.

How challenging is it to prove oneself in the industry?

Starting your own company is not without its challenges. These difficulties might sometimes feel more significant than they really are. Majority of small company entrepreneurs can attest that the benefits often outweigh the difficulties. To achieve your objective, you must discover strategies to overcome these obstacles and manage the risks. One of the most challenging aspects is earning the respect of the seasoned corporate executives.

You should be modest and willing to learn, but that should not prevent you from engaging with more seasoned business leaders.

What qualities you learnt as a child and woman helped you shape your decisions?

I’ve always had a strong mind. This quality helped me a lot in my career. Strong mind is not synonymous with being impolite, egotistical, or destructive. A strong-minded lady exudes confidence. Strong minds are powerful, have positive self-images, and accept responsibility. By its very nature, the entrepreneurial spirit forces us to think about possibilities that most people wouldn’t. Gaining customers and developing a successful company need confidence. A person who displays self-assurance is dependable, earns the respect and trust. It is important to demonstrate that you have this expertise, particularly in new business encounters, since first impressions are usually crucial.

What is your message for woman entrepreneurs?

As a woman in business, you choose to step out of your comfort zone and embrace difficulties. Despite how simple it may seem to start a company, doing so comes with many obstacles and failures. Instead of letting failure define you, strengthen your resolve to draw lessons from your errors and rejections.

A sporadic shock is missing a big contract or making a terrible business transaction. There may be a lot of business chores that need your whole focus. Keep checking off the activities you’ve finished while concentrating on the business duties that are urgent. Without losing sight of your current activities, develop your company’s objectives. Take into consideration the experience, availability, and proactivity of candidates when recruiting. You’ll be able to handle your entrepreneurial show better with better employee assistance and coordination.

Encourage more women to accept this duty and position. It will support and encourage female business while empowering women. Be a mentor to other women-owned companies or support them. Capital investment will be a fantastic approach to help women’s small-scale businesses.

Convanto is a portmanteau of the words “Consultant Vandana Tolani”. It is a boutique investment bank firm with a range of services aimed at enabling young start-ups. It provides them with services such as Fund Raising, Marketing & Growth Advisory, GTM strategic Advisory, and value-added services such as building Investor Presentations and Financial Models.

We at Convanto advise small, medium, and large enterprises on raising capital, finding their product-market fit, and implementing a successful go-to-market strategy, branding strategy and brand positioning.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we have proven our operational expertise in bringing money, creating value, and driving growth to help you maximize your results.