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Teleperformance, global leader in digital integrated business services, cultivates a talented, multicultural workforce

Breaking boundaries and stereotypes to nurture a diverse and inclusive workforce that delivers exceptional, omnichannel customer experience

Published 4 years ago on Nov 17, 2020 5 minutes Read

With over 40 years of expertise, Teleperformance connects the world’s most successful brands with its customers. 

Teleperformance has a diverse workforce of more than 330,000 interaction experts worldwide, speaking 265 languages and dialects in more than 80 countries, and serving over 170 markets.

Teleperformance India is a leading provider of digitally integrated business and customer services, helping accelerate business transformation for clients around the world. These transformation services span across front and back office, with a perfect blend of technology with human interactions.

In India, their dynamic workforce of more than 75,000 employees in over 40 locations across 20 cities, supports clients from around the globe with great expertise and a deep knowledge of the customer journey. 

With a strong people focus, Teleperformance attracts and retains the best talent in the industry
With remote work opportunities in great demand, Teleperformance is paving the way for seamless remote working as it expands its work-at-home business model for hiring, training, and managing remote but socially-connected teams, while ensuring consistent customer experiences – with Teleperformance Cloud Campus – the virtual global platform to deliver borderless CX services. 

Teleperformance globally transitioned more than 80% employees to work-at-home during the global crisis and continues to be at the forefront of innovation. Teleperformance India is creating a stream of career advancement opportunities for individuals in different parts of the country.

Keeping in line with its core value of High-Tech and High-Touch, the company strives to deliver unconventional business process solutions to raise the bar in the markets it serves, by implementing practices, policies, and protocols evolved and refined over the past four decades.

Inclusion and Diversity Practices and Policies
A global people-centric company, Teleperformance views employee diversity as a rich source of strength and perspective. Embracing employee differences, Teleperformance actively strives to establish a harmonious environment that delivers positive experiences for customers, clients, and peers alike – fostering inclusion throughout all practices and policies. 

With specific and planned initiatives, Teleperformance focuses on gender diversity from the start- at the hiring stage. In fact, through specific diversity and inclusion programs, TP India is committed to ensure an equal gender diverse employee base, from current of mid-thirties, over next 2 years. As a result, Diversity & Inclusion is a metric that leadership team monitors as part of their monthly reviews.

The ongoing effort to strengthen gender diversity in the workforce is supported by numerous programs that have become core to Teleperformance’s global culture: 

  • #Gendersmart and #TP4All focusing on diversity hiring 
  • Impact Sourcing practices like Samarth targeted at employing specially-abled people
  • Cultural Diversity- through a mandated-mix of project teams comprising of diverse languages, age, regions and experience 
  • Developmental and educative programmes focussing on gender-specific issues/problems through leadership connect with top women leaders.  
  • TP Women Initiative: Engagement programs to promote Work life balance, workplace security and fitness, wholesome wellness including mental wellbeing at work and at home.

The Professional mentorship programmes for all help address career and related growth challenges and convert them into opportunities. A mix of programmes like Crucial Conversations, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, and Digital Awareness further help to strengthen these initiatives.

TP Women forum helps women and girls everywhere, understand their mettle and right to equal opportunities, free from discrimination. The #TPWomen initiative is dedicated to pursuing a more gender balanced future, based on three key elements - Collaboration, Gender Equality, and Women Empowerment. Led by Teleperformance’s Global Chief Client Officer, Miranda Collard, along-with the country leadership team lead by Aditya Arora, this foundational program has become core to Teleperformance India’s very DNA.  

Workplace Equality & Security 
Teleperformance strongly believes that employees are its internal customers and stakeholders, and treated equally regardless of gender, socio-economic status, religion, or cultural differences. Practices like standardized remuneration structure and inclusion policies for all employees promote and support workplace equality. 

This robust framework of workplace programs is essential for and includes:

  • Zero-tolerance policies that prevent and harshly address sexual harassment 
  • POSH sensitivity policies and training as part of the new hire induction program Employee safety measures for both on-site and work-at-home employees 
  • A competitive Reward Framework focussing not just on ‘What’ but ‘How’ significantly
  • TP Wellness clinic with Prepare, Care and Cure Model
  • TP Clubhouse engaging employees and their families

Promoting Employability
As a part of its reformed CSR and Digital recruitment policies, Teleperformance is focused on generating employment across the country to open new channels to enable a more talented and diverse workforce.

  • Skill supplementing Centers in collaboration with CSR partners to improve employability of participants at large. The initiative involves offering potential employment to such participants
  • Expand and extend employment opportunities through the digital recruitment platform to skill available in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities having low employment opportunities. During the global crisis in the last 6 months, almost 25% new hires (out of 50k+) are from these Tier 3 and 4 cities. They have also been offered the work from home option
  • Supplier Diversity- Teleperformance India rigorously practices Impact Sourcing to increase the supplier diversity; this gets tracked as a metric for all functional leaders.

Teleperformance’s external certifications are the testimony of its exceptional people practices and diversity initiatives. Certified by Great Place to Work® Institute for 7 years now, Teleperformance has been recognized as one of India’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women in 2020. Teleperformance has also ranked among Top 40 Best Workplaces for Women in GCC, recognized by the Great Place to Work® Institute Middle East.

Teleperformance has been recognized as a Top 100 Working Mother & Avtar Best Company for Women in India, and has won several accolades in the women leadership category, like Business World HR 40 Under 40, Indian Business Women Conference and Awards - Women in Technology, ET Now Presents Business Leader of the Year, Women Economic Forum - Exceptional Women of Excellence, among others.

Teleperformance resolutely believes that their initiatives are beyond certifications; their commitment is top-down, and the measure of success is bottom-up as they continue treading this path.

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