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With well thought of policies, ANJ Group has earned a spot in India's Best Workplaces for Women

Published 4 years ago on Nov 17, 2020 5 minutes Read

Though ANJ has great policies for everyone, we raise the bar for women. Nature has made women special by giving them the power to be mothers.  Hence all women have the perogative to take an extra paid leave every month, for the pain she has to endure during those special days.  We celebrate whenever an ANJ woman is about to bring a new life into this world by having a baby shower for her.   We don’t stop at that -  so that she’s comfortable when working, our thoughtful and talented carpenters’ make sure an ottoman is available for her to elevate her feet.

Learning in ANJ,  is something that is as constant as change. Each of us is unique in our abilities and given an opportunity can share wonderful ideas and concepts. Regular knowledge sharing workshops have given a platform for every employee to share their knowledge and experience, regardless of their level in the Company.  

It takes long hours and a lot of hard work for our team to bring to life concepts and designs for our clients, giving them the work space of their dreams.  ANJ Group recognizes this and balances out the hard work with play.  Our cricket matches are legendary, as are our very competitive badminton players.  All ANJites participate in sports’ organised in every region where we work. 

Relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. Our leaders walk the talk, making diversity and inclusion indispensable parts of our work culture.  We nuture talent, skill and integrity retaining like-minded people who grow the company with their commitment and passion.  We take pride in sharing equal opportunities with women who have a focused vision, display high emotional intelligence and have a strong commitment in bringing ideas to life. 

Delivering Future Workspace Design
Workspaces are no longer defined as meeting rooms and aligned cubicles spread across a floor.  Changing times are shaping new workspace designs. Technology is paving way in making new age workspaces more collaborative and flexible. Today, employee centric companies are looking at recreating interactive office spaces, which are custom designed and built to enable productivity, health and wellness at work. 

The 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report ‘Shaping Employee Experiences for a World Transformed’, surveyed 1,350 participants across 19 markets found that 96% of the respondents believe employee needs will be the cornerstone of the future workplace design. As per the report, the future workspace is likely to be more flexible and technology driven. That is why employers have been shifting to a methodology of making the workplace more collaborative, flexible and supportive.

ANJ Group has been delivering the finest ‘Design and Build’ Architectural designs to corporate interiors, hospitality, industrial, and institutional verticals across India for over 40 years. As market leaders in the turnkey interior fit-out industry, our project delivery has made us the preferred business partner in India and Asia Pacific Region.

We are one of India’s finest firms in workspace design, giving life to ideas with globally connected workspaces. With our craftsmanship work in designing workspaces for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, NVidia, TATA Group, Mastercard, Aditya Birla Group, Citi Group, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and many more, ANJ Group has played the role of the harbinger of change. 

As experts in Workspace Design and Build, the ANJ Group is the torchbearer of  ‘Next’ in way people interact, use technology, work and grow. Our build strength of 2500+ delivers perfect workspaces with speed and finesse. Our project portfolio includes 1800+ projects of over 60 million+ sq ft that have been successfully built across 60 locations in India.

ANJ’s Design Studios in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad have been delighting international, multinational and traditional business houses by introducing new global design concepts. Since 2016, we have a standalone Design Studio in Hong Kong, and have been serving clients in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our visionary and talented designers, project managers, MEP Engineers, craftsmen, future-ready and state-of-the-art LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant manufacturing factory, deliver value through our sustainable and refreshingly designed workspaces.

We pioneer a transparent ecosystem in the interior fit out industry through cutting-edge technology, stringent policy frameworks, fair pricing and value engineering. Technology teamed with sustainability and impeccable execution, in creating future workspaces with ‘Next’ concepts sets ANJ Group apart. 

Our founding roots
Since 1979, our founders have been at the forefront of introducing global design trends and manufacturing practices in the furniture industry in India. 

Our Founder and Chairman, Magharam Kularia’s passion, to consistently explore, innovate and introduce new design and manufacturing techniques, has contributed immensely to our Company’s growth.

Our MD, Ashok Kularia, has been creating new strides in workplace design. He continues to build an employee-centric Company with focus on diversity, recognition, entrepreneurship and well-being.  His support and help in building our resilience in these tough pandemic times has kept our spirits and positivity high. 

ANJ Group’s unrestrained agile corporate workspaces boost employee productivity encouraging growth, evolution and sustenance.  Our world class craftsmanship is truly a shining example of “Make in India”. 

We in the ANJ Group are leaders in bringing ideas to life and contribute toward progressive work cultures with our workspace Design and Build business. 

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