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Promoting Sustainability And Redefining The Concept Of Floor

Homes, hospitals, schools, and the transport sector adopt vinyl floors, as maintaining and cleaning is very easy. This market is growing fast, and firms like RMG Polyvinyl India Limited offer such products to match rising consumer expectations at very competitive pricing. 

Published 3 years ago on Aug 22, 2021 4 minutes Read
Arvind Goenka Managing Director, RMG Polyvinyl India Limited

RMG Polyvinyl India Limited, currently guided by Arvind Goenka (50) as its Managing Director, is India’s leading producer of PVC Floorings, PVC leather and PVC Geomembranes.

His father Amarnath Goenka suggested that Arvind works with the German collaborator to understand Europe’s processes & products adopted in Europe’s PVC industry. He developed an interest in PVC processing and production activities, and as they say, the rest is history.

The Indian consumers are spending lavishly on beautifying homes and offices, opt for vinyl floors that offer very good sound and thermal insulation and aesthetically enhance the interiors. The PVC floorings are now easy to clean, scratch-resistant and producers can provide many years of warranties. Aesthetically, the floorings, once installed, look like natural wood or stone flooring.

Arvind saw a big opportunity for RMG Polyvinyl, and soon it became a household name with its vast marketing & distribution countrywide network.

Today, the company under the brand name ‘Wonderfloor’ produces more than 45,000 MT of PVC products and enjoys goodwill in domestic and export markets. Production capacity is being scaled up every year. Production now stands at 27 million sq metres of Vinyl flooring annually, catering to varied segments such as healthcare, transport (buses and trains), schools and gyms, homes and offices. Vinyl floorings are replacing wood and stone floorings, thereby conserving our natural resources.

Wonderfloor products are exported to Latin America, Africa, the Gulf & SE Asian countries in large volumes. The company has been the recipient of the top exporter award in the vinyl flooring category for the last 10 years.

RMG is a truly Indian company with an understanding of the social and economic structure of India. Wonderfloor, the umbrella brand of RMG, has become a synonym for floor coverings in India.

It has been possible due to the continuous efforts in developing the products as per the customer requirements. Wonderfloor products are known in the market for being affordable and “value for money”.

“Our country is not the torchbearer in these areas. We have to depend upon European and American technology. As there will be growth in the vinyl flooring market, technology and design capabilities will also increase domestically,” says Arvind Goenka.

Wonderfloor, under the management of Arvind, has achieved many first. The firm is the first in India to introduce sports floorings with GFT impregnation and PUR surface treatment which is 100% import substitution. It is the first in India to produce Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also an import substitution. In addition, they have emerged as the supplier to leading OEM bus body manufacturers such as TATA, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Swaraj Mazda.

Arvind follows a style of managing the business by delegating authority and responsibility to senior managers who are specialists in their fields and have the freedom to take decisions in their area. Utmost trust and faith in the team are some of the main reasons for success at Wonderfloor.

He is also associated with the plastics export promotion council, commonly known as PLEXCONCIL as a Committee of Administration member and is now the chairman of the council and provides valuable guidance to the industry to boost plastics exports from India.  

Plastics are perhaps one of the most versatile products and are increasingly used in a wide range of applications. “We request the government to frame an attractive PLI scheme for boosting polymer production and becoming Aatmanirbhar. Backed by strong government support-planned investment of over $50 million, as many as 10 plastic parks with state-of-the-art infrastructure are being set up to boost domestic production, employment and achieve environmentally sustainable growth,” says Goenka.

Arvind hails from the business family of Goenkas of Rajasthan, and his ancestors settled in the state of Bihar in the town Munger. Around early 1900, his grandfather Late Shri Dewan Bahadur Kedar Nath Goenka was accorded with the knight’s title by the British for his philanthropic services to the community.

Wonderfloor now provides the desired finances for such philanthropic activities under the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Activities such as running a charitable hospital, free education of Sanskrit language, free education to girl students are some of the activities being continued even today for the upliftment of the society  by his family.

During the first and second waves of the COVID in the country, Wonderfloor complimented the efforts of the frontline warriors by supplying them vinyl floorings for use in the COVID centres. Once installed, vinyl floorings ensured a germ free environment and easy maintenance along with quick installation that ensured Covid facilities were set up on time.