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On A Mission: Build A Strong Business Enterprise And Strengthen Women

Beed District, a nondescript place in Maharashtra known to be a drought-prone region, is also the birthplace of many success stories; prominent among them is The Kute Group. The spirited attitude of the company overcame all hurdles and went on to build a reputed brand fidelity

Published 3 years ago on Aug 22, 2021 4 minutes Read
Archana Suresh Kute Managing Director, The Kute Group

The success story of   The   Kute   Group is based on a dynamic leader and visionary, Archana Suresh Kute, Managing Director of the Group.

MR. SURESH DNYANOBRAO KUTE leads “The Kute Group” of companies as Chairman & Managing Director. He is one of Maharashtra’s renowned industrialists respected for his business expertise and entrepreneurial character. He is a science graduate and over time, his proven organisational leadership has got him to lead his 40+ different operating companies and its subsidiaries. He is passionate about the positive actions which help the entire society.

Armed with a Master’s in Business Administration from Symbiosis College of Pune, Archana has been a driving force and woman of action of the Group. She married Suresh Dnyanobarao Kute, a successful entrepreneur, who motivated her to join Kute Group, which has businesses in edible oil, food, dairy products, refineries, automobile, clothing, and many more.

Today, after the hard work of more than a decade, her vibrant personality is managing more than 40 diverse business verticals aligned to Kute Group.

Her strong dedication and efforts to ensure the Group’s commercial success enshrined in the sustained improvement in the organisation’s performance, which has also improved the awareness of various brands that the group markets.

With the launch of Tirumalla Agro Industries, conversion of raw agricultural materials into value-added products is done.

Her commitment and conviction have kept the team inspired. Archana remains the backbone of the Kute Group conglomerate. “If a woman has confidence and support of her family, then she can move mountains,” says Archana.

A passionate businesswoman and go-getter, she guides all flagships of companies to the next level of growth. Her vision in administration and leadership has enhanced the organisation’s overall performance and upgraded the Tirumalla brand.

Over the years, she has proved to be an invaluable asset to the Group; she has also gained recognition as a living legend and inspiration for women who aspire for a prosperous life by bringing about a distinguished transformation in their lives. Mrs Archana observes that “Success is not an accident, but consistent efforts with passion,” proving it true with her action and business acumen.

She has proved to be a major facilitator for the company’s progress and an inspiration for women who aspire to grow and bring a positive change in their lives.

Her leadership has resulted in organisational performance growth and brand awareness. She is passionate about taking all flagship companies to the next level. Her efforts to better and develop The Kute Group family and society are always aligned with the Group’s mission to keep humanity happy.

Ms Archana Kute has been a vocal advocate of women empowerment and their ability to contribute to the enterprise and to the country amidst challenges. She notes, “A woman has a  positive impact and develops their work efficiency amidst a corporate environment while balancing her family commitments,” she says. On the back of the underlying commitment to the society, Kute Group has employed more than a  thousand women. Archana has ensured that all the women at their workplace are groomed to be confident in their personal, professional and social lives.

She is also a great mentor. The best example is mentoring her 10-year-old son’s dream project OAO INDIA - a game development, web development and digital  marketing company based in Pune.

As a responsible corporate citizen and with the intention of the welfare of the society, she also leads “The Kute Group Foundation”, doing the right things socially, economically, and environmentally. Through this foundation, she helps economically backward children in education and also contributes to various relief activities.

During the COVID pandemic, Archana donated Rs 20 lakh through The Kute Group Foundation in the COVID-19 Relief Funds of India (Rs 10 Lakh to the Prime Minister’s CARE Fund and Rs 10 Lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund), respectively. extending full support to Jio Zindagi initiatives to help the people affected during the lockdown. The Group also provided wheat, rice, and other daily requisites in and around Maharashtra.

She is a powerful role model for women aspiring to achieve their dreams. Archana’s boundless dedication, diligence, and a sense of responsibility are key for the prosperity of  The Kute Family and society at large. At The Kute Group, sustainability is seen as a balance between Corporate Economic Responsibility (CER) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The core areas for The Kute Group’s CSR programmes are education, health, and the environment. Education is pivotal in the development and progress of any nation; hence The Kute Group Foundation supports underprivileged students in education. Similarly, attention to the cause of health is acknowledged as health plays a vital role in promoting social good. Concern for the environment is in line with their belief that a sustainable and productive planet requires vigilance towards the global cause for adapting measures across all geographies.