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Multitasking To Be A Leader In Technology And Service

In 2009, a young lady ventured into the highly competitive software sector with a mission -- to roadmap a solid foundation for businesses, offering Software development services such as design, development, analytics and business intelligence, integration, monitoring, maintenance, and round-the-clock support to their IT infrastructure

Published 3 years ago on Aug 22, 2021 4 minutes Read
Sneha Rakesh Managing Director, Akarmax Tech Pvt Ltd

Sneha Rakesh, Managing Director of Akarmax Tech Pvt Ltd, was just 19 when she launched her VCrate Software Solutions; soon after, BTech and a brief spell of a part-time job in a start-up company. It later became Akarmax. Her focus was and remained to provide innovative IT Services integrated with advanced methodologies.

This young woman was aware that the IT sector was competitive and male-dominated. But she was determined to break all barriers of the tech industry. Her conviction, that men can’t multitask, and if they try to, they cannot do it as efficiently as women. She believes that the future of technology is feminine.

As a  software programme developer, she was aware of the varied and vast potential of the internet for universal access. She did so to drive an entirely new era of growth, development, and productivity.

Her journey is an example of commitment and conviction, where she weathered tough challenges and overcame them with tremendous grit and determination to achieve success. During this journey, she has not only earned her goals but has also helped and inspired thousands of youngsters to achieve their dreams.

Sneha’s achievement did not go unnoticed; Akarmax Tech Pvt Ltd bagged the award for fastest-growing companies of 2018. Sneha received the  Global  Achiever Mahatma  Gandhi  Leadership Award at the House of Commons. She has also bagged the International Achiever Award by International  Achievers Association, Bangkok, and the Women Achiever of the Year Award, 2018.

She is now an influential entrepreneur of global stature. Even after accomplishing multiple goals in her life, her vision is targeted on new benchmarks of excellence and growth targets.

With specialised and personalised offerings, Akarmaxs delivers the results that outclass others by developing adaptable and responsive software designs. Sneha’s focused efforts resulted in her venture growing into a midcap company.

Over the years, the company has delivered successful software that has often increased business profitability aggressively. It has acquired great experience since its inception in 2015 by working with several industries and providing creative solutions to complex business problems.

Akarmaxs Tech, based in Bengaluru with more than 800+ successful projects, is a full-stack provider of Custom Web Application Development for market competitors who have been growing and emerging businesses with technology at their core. The e-commerce web application development solutions and its web portal development provide a robust platform that lets them easily communicate and do business with the customers.

Sneha has guided Akarmaxs Tech as a comprehensive digital marketing solution provider that helps businesses with customer acquisition and digital marketing. Being a notable marketing agency, it deals with online branding, PR, web design, content creation, videos, e-commerce, and many more segments within the ambit of creative digital marketing. The firm has all language experts that use multiple technologies on the type of projects.

Akarmaxs, with several in-house projects from over 50 clients belonging to varied sectors and scales of operations, is one of the first port of call that caters to several organisations’ IT requirements in India. It has acquired and retained such big customers, as they create stunning and user-responsive websites. Along with that, they also have a team of highly expert Google-certified professionals who provide end-to-end digital marketing services.

It is not in India alone; the company is expanding its customer base in East Asian markets, Europe, Singapore, United Kingdom with specialised and personalised offerings.  

Akarmaxs provides a series of activities that will help customers achieve their goals through various channels like paid, earned, and owned media. Depending on their business goals, the company is capable of creating a strategy.

It focuses on seven core strategies: performance improvement process, management buy-in, resourcing and structure, data and infrastructure, integrated customer communications, and customer experience. Dr. Sneha Rakesh says that “hard work and determination will make your dreams come true”.

Akarmaxs shares the project’s time-to-time work report for any client, like weekly or monthly updates and project execution meetings. They also work with the client to add some additional customisation between the ongoing project. Even after implementing the project, the company assists in any step to face any problem, such as running campaigns or managing platforms.

Sneha is not all IT and revenue but is also committed to the social cause. Her work is specifically in eradication and education of unemployment. She also started the Samagraabhivrudhi  Trust in  2018  to furnish free JOC (Job Oriented Course) for the unemployed people and those who have just graduated. Her trust supported approximately 2,000 students and also educated people who were not employed and needed help. Under this Trust, they have  also  donated  medicines,  sanitary pads, food materials, etc.

Saying goes, great things start with small beginnings. But, at Akarmaxs Tech, the company has a different saying, “We give a great beginning for endless business opportunities.”