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Marrying Technology With Style To Keep Abreast Of Trends

Chennai based Zebronics has one of the industry’s widest line-up of products with computers peripherals and consumer electronics totaling upto 40 product categories and more than 500 SKUs. Today it has nearly about 25 branch offices and over 128 service centres covering all major cities in India.  

Published 2 years ago on Dec 18, 2021 5 minutes Read
Mr. Rajesh Doshi, Co-Founder, and Director of Chennai based Zebronics India Pvt Ltd

Mr. Rajesh Doshi, Co-Founder, and Director of Chennai based Zebronics India Pvt Ltd, has taken strides to bring technology to the masses and bridge the technology gap with premium products.

A first generation entrepreneur and a true visionary, Doshi is the driving force behind the brand Zebronics, which was originally called Top Notch Infotronix India. Around 25 years ago, when IT hardware was being seen as an area of high growth, Doshi foresaw the “consumerization of IT” and identified a niche for the value-conscious segment of the Indian market. A science graduate and gold-medallist from Loyola College, Chennai. He co-founded the company Top Notch Infotronix India Pvt Ltd along with his brother Pradeep Doshi, and later joined by youngest Sandeep Doshi. Launching a computer chassis and mouse under the Zebronics brand.

Doshi’s passion for product design and customisation with a view to establishing a brand edge soon paid off and helped the company to rapidly expand the product range from just a few peripherals to one of the largest brands in IT peripherals, accessories, and consumer electronics.

In 2013, Doshi expanded the operations to establish a separate test and development division to further strengthen its product portfolio, making it more consumer-centric. The objective was to cater to Indian operating conditions and user preferences, and eventually form the platform for India-based manufacturing. In keeping with its objective, Zebronics follows all Indian norms and standards in the test and development activities. In the last few years, the brand has made major strides in its Make in India initiative.

Over the last 25 years, Zebronics has been expanding and upgrading products to keep abreast of latest market trends and technology. “The biggest USP of Zebronics is our vast range of  products that cater to a diverse sector and our adherence to EQR Mantra (Excellence, Quality and Reliability) which has helped us to become the No.1 brand in IT peripherals and one of the most important player in multimedia Speakers, mobile/lifestyle accessories and surveillance. We will be introducing more and more products in this segment. Most of our computing needs are slowly shifting to mobile devices as products like power banks, headphones, etc.,  are becoming an important part of this change,”  states Doshi, who believes in the ideology of staying ‘Always Ahead’.

Doshi has been striving to deliver on this ideology through adoption of new technology and production of premium products for the masses like  LED projectors and Dolby-powered sound bars. In addition, the company has been making them accessible and affordable to the masses. The brand also has fitness bands in its portfolio that brave the new normal with features like Sp02, heart rate, and blood pressure monitoring. There are also other offerings like Alexa-powered sound bar and Dolby powered LED Projector in the pipeline. Premium PC gaming products is yet another category where Zebronics has one of the biggest ranges in the country with a complete spectrum of gaming products.

Zebronics has an extensive range of ‘Made in India’ products such as different types of speakers, surveillance devices, and a vast range of mobile accessories. The current plan is to move around 50% of speaker manufacturing in India within a year. The brand is hoping to make bigger strides in the future offering multiple ranges of ‘Made in India’ products.

“We’ve introduced a lot of Made in India products to support the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. In future you can expect more products which are made in India. The accessories segment is looking like one of the most promising segments right now and we are sure of staying “Always Ahead” in this segment with innovative and stylish products backed by supreme performance,” says Doshi.

Looking at the massive gap in the entry-level product’s market where there are a lot of unorganized brands, Doshi launched a sister brand ‘Zebster’ to give consumers an option in quality products at an affordable price. This brand also has an ever-growing range of products that not only fit the budget but are known for their style, quality and functionality factor putting together a value-for-money product that customers can rely on. This goes well with the brand ideology of “Make it Happen”.

Zebronics also so far has 98 prestigious recognitions to its credit like the No 1 speaker brand, Extraordinaire brand, and more. The company’s dynamic workforce comprises more than 1200 Zebees along with 31 offices and 128+ service centers across all major cities in India.

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is the brand ambassador for various Zebronics products as he represents Zebronics brand philosophy “of marrying technology with style, designed for today’s fashionable and tech-savvy youth”. This partnership has helped the brand to achieve new heights in the last few years making the “Zebronics for life” campaign true for every customer.

Blending his business interest with social commitment, Doshi is deeply involved in social issues like the upliftment of the underprivileged people through various programs under Zebronics CSR activities like a health clinic in Pallikaranai village, Chennai. The clinic provides medical assistance for a nominal fee of Rs. 10.  The company also sponsors healthcare treatments for the underprivileged, provides educational scholarships through orphanages, organises yoga, and health camps in old age homes as part of Zebronics CSR activities that include Zeb Health,  Zeb Learn, Zeb Tech, and Zeb Environment.