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How Police Branded Fashion Masks, Contributed To Growth Of Torero Corporation

Torero corporation is one of the fastest-growing firms. Yashovardhan Gupta is confident of making it the most sought-after brand in India, with a human touch. It’s only goal is to serve society and save jobs

Published 3 years ago on Aug 22, 2021 3 minutes Read
Yashovardhan Gupta CEO, Torero Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience crafting leather goods, travel goods, and gifts for the top luxury brands in the world, Torero Corporation is a Brand Owning Global Fashion House.

The company’s focused approach to the market is built around three strong foundations---help brands increase their revenue, help corporate gift distributors and increase their margin and act as a global licensee and partner.

Further, Torero’s philosophy is – ‘Customer First’. While companies and brands often focus on apparel and consumer electronics, they often miss out on the power of accessories, which can add as much as 20%-25% to their revenue.

Torero’s mission is to become the leading seller of leather accessories and gifts in the world. Its clear focus on helping its customers and partners make more money through lower sourcing costs, efficiencies, and faster supply chains.

“Customers are at our core, and we provide speed, lower sourcing costs and high sell through. Torero has relentlessly focussed on these three aspects and has hence, been growing revenue at a consistent rate of 15% month on month,” says Yashovardhan Gupta, CEO of Torero Corporation. Gupta adds, “We have become Amazon-like in speed, and reliability.”

As an OEM/private label supplier, it surprised the market by slashing its sourcing timelines in half and delivering product on the hour as guaranteed. A big focus on accessories, coupled with scale and its three decades of experience, has guided Torero to ensure reduced sourcing costs by a minimum of 10% on invoice values for all customers.

Its biggest opportunity was when they launched the  ‘POLICE’ masks and soon it became #1 rank on Amazon in fashion mask category. POLICE established in Milan in 1983 is an extremely cool, highly authentic 100% Italian brand. Passionate about freedon, Police’s Definitive, audacious  style has captured the imagination of the youth.

Torero had stitching machines and an ability to produce medical gowns and masks; from day one of the first pandemic wave. Torero devoted all its organisational energy to produce masks and medical gowns. “We used up all our savings buying cloth, producing and donating masks. When some demand came from government hospitals in West Bengal, we even produced medical gowns for cleaners and assistants, as there weren’t enough PPE kits in the country,” said Yashovardhan.

This experience proved handy when consumers started searching for fashion masks for a safe and comfortable fit making the ‘POLICE’ masks an instant hit.

Torero is a global licensee and partner of 10 global brands including Police, Swiss Military and Cross. Torero designs, manufactures, distributes and sells award-winning leather accessories, and travel accessories through its enviable worldwide distribution network across channels such as e-commerce and retail.

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