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Helping To Build Infrastructure With Environmental Sustainability

SKGC InfraProjects Pvt. Ltd. is an outcome of an environmentally sensitive team of Dr Sanjeev Gupta, Anju Gupta and Aahan Gupta, formed to deliver and respond to a changing world that needs more care, less carbon footprints, and eco-friendly methods of manufacturing Building materials

Published 3 years ago on Aug 22, 2021 4 minutes Read
Dr Sanjeev Gupta Managing Director, SKGC InfraProjects.

SKGC InfraProjects start-up is now an established brand in the ‘Construction Material’ and ‘Infrastructure’ industries. It has three branches — Delhi, Didwara (MP), Lucknow (UP) and is expanding rapidly.

The firm promotes and measures energy efficiency, actively seek vendors that work with a sustainable mindset, and promote a zero-waste strategy that encourages waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Dr Sanjeev Gupta (Managing Director) has a doctorate in recycled aggregate and building materials. Over 20 years of experience in the construction industry has given him an insight into the need to work with sustainable materials.

The start-up’s foundation was laid to manufacture high-quality advanced new generation innovative construction materials for buildings. They manufacture various types of products such as dry mix mortar, dry mix concrete, and materials that cater to specific construction needs.

“Innovation along the value chain helps us to promote new methods in the construction materials industry. Quality is not just a word for us; it is the foundation of all our assignments and commitment to our policy and objectives by conducting training for all our staff members,” says Dr Sanjeev Gupta (Managing Director) SKGC InfraProjects. SKGC is equipped with state-of-art Infrastructure.

Its latest plant has a VSI, capable of producing high-quality aggregates and manufactured and engineered sand.

The firm strives to be at the edge of sustainable building methods and technology and encourage a business culture committed to environmental management. SKGC actively seeks vendors with a long-term mindset to promote waste reduction, reusability, and recycling.

SKGC InfraProjects is trying to solve low-quality small scale construction, wastage of materials during construction/transportation, high environmental impact (pollution and river bed exploitation), improper design mix, and slow availability of building materials.

Their process and solution comprise of aggregate and sand on wheels: Large quantities supplied on the fleet, perfect mix products in 20kg and 40kg bags, advanced Japanese technology to minimise environmental impact, substituting river sand by engineered sand/ crushed stone sand to reduce river bed exploitation, easy availability of materials through their e-commerce platform. Additionally, they also do on-site projects where they install machinery, and do production of materials on the site itself.

But Dr Sanjeev is aware of the environmental impact of the dependence on river sand.

“The issue of sand comes as a surprise to many, but it shouldn’t,” says Pascal Peduzzi, a researcher with the United Nations Environment Programme. “We cannot extract 50 billion tonnes per year of any material without leading to massive impacts on the planet and thus on people’s lives.” Engineered sand is the only alternative to river sand. The Supreme Court has also ruled against the use of river sand due to the exploitation of natural river beds and their environmental impact.

“We focus on shifting the focus from river sand to crushed stone sand which reduces wastage, is of better quality when made with proper technology and machinery, and saves the environment,” says Gupta.

Taking forward the efforts of Sanjeev and Anju, the young scion Aahan Gupta (Director) with a B.Sc. in Math and Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, is responsible for innovation and new technology adoption at SKGC.

He has enhanced the dedicated research team to design the best mix there is. Their patented technology is adopted from Japan to manufacture the best quality products. Therefore, they eliminate the human error factor by supplying the perfect design mix in their well-packed 20kg and 40kg bags.

“Innovation along the value chain also helps us to promote new methods in the construction materials industry, and we support research and development into eco-efficient and sustainable solutions,” says Aahan Gupta.

SKGC’s process to manufacture engineered sand, the basic ingredient of most products, includes using the latest technology. Since manufactured from a quarry, the gradation and quality remain consistent throughout the project.

Further, the product consistency allows a more predictable mix to be produced than is achievable with natural sand due to normal, natural variations. SKGC InfraProjects’ is committed to taking on the environmental impact of sand: Trivial though it may seem, sand is a critical ingredient of our lives. It is the primary raw material that modern cities are made with.