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EDTECH The Way Forward For Enhancing The Complete Learning Experience

The last few years have witnessed an acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies in regular pedagogical practices. 

Published a year ago on Sep 22, 2022 4 minutes Read

The last few years have witnessed an acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies in regular pedagogical practices. This has brought a transformation in the way education has been perceived for past so many years. The fusion of technology and education (tech education) is paving the way for a better and more inclusive future. As such, education technology makes learning easier, much more streamlined, and even fun. The rise of advanced technology involvement within the learning industry has gained interest from those not just within the educational sector but also from the Government too. So many policies & initiatives have been introduced by the Government to uplift the level of education & make quality education available for all.
This shift has helped offer a ray of hope for the advancement of education in Indian educational institutions, especially in rural & remote areas. In the current scenario, it is crucial to have a robust learning ecosystem so the young population can receive an appropriate education. Many students still find it challenging to access good-quality education in many areas, which widens the skills gap between urban and rural learners. The education is restricted to the available traditional academics, which do not meet the requirements of future jobs that is entirely based on advanced skills mixed with an excellent education. The foundation for a lifetime of learning is laid in school and technology incorporated in the education delivery can do wonders in grooming the child and making him/her holistically prepared.

There are many ways in which education can elevate and enhance the complete learning experience:

Facilitating a collaborative & interactive learning experience:

For many years, remote & rural area schools & institutions in India were not well aware of the advanced education learners receive in urban settings. For them receiving basic education was also a challenge. The lack of interesting pedagogy & content & the prevalence of traditional age-old learning practices mixed with the lack of proper resources & infrastructure robbed the students of the interest & enthusiasm for studies. Though with the penetration of technology in the education paradigm, today the classroom learning experience has transformed completely & has put forward a learning experience that is fun, engaging & highly productive. The whole curriculum has been devised with the mindset of serving the advanced requirements of today’s growth standards. Supplemented with digital content, tools & resources, the whole learning experience turns highly collaborative & interactive.

Creating an easily accessible robust learning environment:

Technology-enabled learning devices & solutions have made it easier for learners to access education from anywhere in the world. The minimum requirement of a digital device along with an optimal internet connection has allowed everyone to receive education as per their interest & speed. This has eroded so many barriers prevalent in receiving higher education & has led the way for the rural students to opt for a better career progression in comparison to previous times. This has also solved the problem of an unequal teacher-student ratio wherein schools had dearth of qualified teachers. Now teachers can connect virtually to different schools and teach no. of students together. Sharing resources & reference material through the web expands the scope of content diversification and provides learners with diverse perspectives & concepts which evoke their interest in the subject & help them in understanding the concept easily.


Edtech opens up new opportunities for teachers & learners to create personalized lessons & learning experiences designed on the basis of their strengths, skills & interests. Digital learning solutions enable learners to learn at their own pace, asses their strengths & evaluate their learning to improve whereas in digital tools & resources help teachers to teach in a much more engaging & enriching way. These analytical tools also offer the teachers the easiest way to evaluate their progress & accordingly support the student with their growth map.

Combining Knowledge, Skill & Opportunities together:

There is an apparent gap between the supply and demand for skills. As the industry and technologies continue to evolve, the need for the country’s youth to acquire new skills is becoming imperative. In its recent research, the World Economic Forum projects that by 2022, 42% of the core skills needed for the existing jobs are expected to change. Hence, skilling, upskilling, and reskilling are the only way forward to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving business world. Now companies are focusing on acquiring future-ready, highly skilled professionals who are ready to match up to the level of change technology is bringing into the business.

Based on this trend the Government is also focusing equally on skilling opportunities and including new-age technologies in its educational practices which are making quality education along with higher education, certification & degrees available online. Here EdTech platforms are easing the accessibility of such skills by providing a wide variety of courses digitally that are especially suited to the requirements of the young employable workforce. Due to the upskilling options offered by these platforms, students and professionals have a better chance of landing a suitable job and advancing in their careers.

Looking at the technology advancement in the education segment, the benefits rely on how best we can harness the power of tech in education to elevate the complete learning experience. The need of the hour is to shift from traditional pedagogical practices to skill-based, advanced learning methodologies which could contribute in the holistic development of the student & offer an environment that is nurturing & positive to drive their growth.