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Driving On The Digital Platform

A young entrepreneur has helped transform the logistic business, becoming a template for others to emulate. Only the tip of the potential has been scratched.

Published 2 years ago on Aug 26, 2022 5 minutes Read
Kali Rath Founder, ezTruck Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Logistics transport in Odisha is a huge issue since many drivers lack knowledge about the Odisha routes or places that are too far away from the main cities.

Other logistics and transport-related services too are also not well organized. People were spending a considerably high amount of money on transportation services, which was a challenge.

A young man saw an opportunity in this challenge. He founded ezTruck private limited in 2020, an online leading logistics transport booking platform in Odisha.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in science from Angul College, an electrical engineering degree from Synergy Institute engineering technology, and a master’s degree in marketing in business analytics from ICFAI Business School, Bangalore, he founded Sacorooms with the vision of creating a network of co-living communities in cities around Bangalore and Other Cities in India. To execute this vision, he assembled a team with expertise and experience in financing, constructing and managing large-scale, specialized residential real estate projects.

But the Rath returned to his home state, for which he always has a soft corner.

He took the first step toward business leadership with the launch of ezTruck. One can book trucks online with just a few clicks on this platform. ezTruck is a fast and easy Mini Truck booking platform. They focus on addressing ineptitudes in the last mile logistics segment. They aim to enhance the way shipments are transported across the cities

They offer services such as lorry transport, professional house moving and office moving. The firm has partnered with reputable and experienced drivers to ensure that goods will be transported safely and securely to the customer’s destination. It is a new and fresh way to book moving deliveries in Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack and Berhampur.

Every service from ezTruck is creatively designed by Rath. “I lead by example from the front. I collaborate with my team and client groups to create a compelling vision and plan for the future. Through thoughtfully customized exposure, feedback, work assignments, and coaching, I demonstrate my commitment to the growth and career goal achievement of my team members and clients,” says Rath in his Linkedin profile.

The ezTruck is also the creation of his brilliant mind as a super fast truck booking platform. He is an amazing team leader who leads his team to go that extra mile. Rath had earned experience working with many prestigious companies in India and abroad.

Later, he started his entrepreneurial career with ezTruck businesses successfully. His problem-solving quality is constantly in search of finding answers to it.

ezTruck was created as a professional transport service in Odisha at an affordable price. It is an online truck booking platform where people can do a truck booking service with just a few clicks.

Under the dynamic leadership of Kali, Rath ezTruck has achieved many milestones. The company started with a few fleets, but now approximately 7000 carrier vehicles are connected. ezTruck is acknowledged as the best logistic service provider in Odisha now.

Rath is the most influential leader who believes in growing together.

He brought ezTruck so far with many startup achievement awards. He bagged the Global Business Excellence and Asian Business Leader awards in 2019.

We proudly announce that we work with leading retail, supply chain, electronics, and mining industries in Odisha. Last two years of tremendous effort and dedicated work, we have achieved a leading place in logistics transport.

The vision behind ezTruck is to provide transport service to everyone, whether it is a company or a person who needs to transport a smaller amount of goods. There is also a need for innovative ideas to transport supply chain goods in Odisha. Mainly we want to make all the transport services online with some added automation.

A tech-savvy platform where a person could easily book, track and pay a fleet online.

Reducing the cost of transport and offering maximum benefit to fleet drivers is another area that exTruck strictly focuses on. The firm has experts in packaging, shifting, loading, unloading, etc. As a result, in a very short time, they are the leading logistics brand and the most pocket-friendly as well.

ezTruck services are helping the company grow organically in Odisha at the best prices. Its mission is to simplify the transport services for everyone.

“We are actively serving most of the districts of Odisha such as Khordha, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, Baleswar, etc. We have plans to make complete tech-driven fleet management for the near future and join hands with small business owners across the country to grow businesses simultaneously, says Kali Rath, founder and CEO of ezTruck.

ezTruck provides a multifaceted logistics solution for B2B and B2C models. The online platform has become the first choice for small businesses in Odisha. It is one of the most efficient service providers with a trained driver team and 24-hour customer support.

The services include business logistics, packers and movers, enterprise logistics, mining logistics, etc. ezTruck made itself a reputable place in Odisha in logistic transport due to its transparent business strategy and being the most reasonable in the market. “Our company doesn’t take logistics just as a service but an opportunity to create solutions empowering the business globally. Proving ingenious and customized solutions has helped us gain clients while saving them time and costs,” says the ezTruck website.

With around 7000 fleets and more than 300 trips every day all over Odisha, ezTruck only has the DNA to go further. Some people consider it a sheer success, but it is just the beginning for us. Rath says he and his team have miles to go and do much more in the future.

He adds that moving forward to 2023, here are some tips and tricks to add more growth in the coming years. Like compulsory use of the internet of things(IoT), cloud computing, big data and data analytics, and the use of robots in logistics.

But Rath is also committed to giving back to society and his employees, the benefits of ezTruck. “There is a strong sense of loyalty and commitment towards improving our driver partners’ lives. We ensure that our partners are provided with flexible work hours, increased incomes, balanced work life, additional benefits such as insurance, on-road assistance, scholarship for their children, etc.,” says Rath.

The biggest achievement for us is to elevate the livelihood of fleet drivers. “We successfully conducted that by providing more income, training, etc.,” says Rath.

Many achievements and awards were bagged by ezTruck. Like Eurasian Economic Summit 2019, Ace Business Awards 2019, IISSM Annual Global Conclave 2019, Asian Business Leader Award 2019, Global Excellence Award 2019, Blinkwink India Business Award 2019, etc.