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Depicting Art Through Stones: Building A Globally Recognised Business!

Building a business from rubbles is a definite challenge! A young man took that challenge and with sheer hard work and determination overcome all hurdles to show everyone the beautiful world of stones and the mesmerising products his company can offer. The company that does business of stones has a heart that beats for its people — its employees and customers

Published 3 years ago on Aug 19, 2021 5 minutes Read
Mayank Shah, CEO, Global Stones Pvt. Ltd (GSPL)

In 2004, the granite industry in northern India was sinking. But a revival was on the cards — passionate entrepreneur Mayank Shah started Global Stones Pvt. Ltd which ultimately led to the complete rehaul of the dying industry!

Over the next few years, his marketing acumen, consistency, honesty by sticking to delivery promises and hard work put north Indian granite industry on the global map, with soaring popularity, especially in the USA and Canada . He has several accolades to his credit, each one of them only solidifying his perseverance to success.

It is a fascinating business story of literally carving a sculpture out of stone. Mayank Shah, Director of Shah Group, a reputed business house from Kolkata, shifted to Jaipur in 2004 with a challenge of reviving a sick and closed unit acquired through court auction. A self-made man turned around and enhanced the unit’s capacity by sheer hard work, determination, positive attitude, and foresightedness and made the impossible possible.

Their expertise in the stone industry and experience of being the global leader in the natural stones industry since 2004, has helped them diversify into engineered stone surfaces. Today, Global Stones Pvt. Ltd (GSPL) is a leading miner, producer and exporter of natural stones and engineered quartz from India. ‘Nature’s Eternal impression’ is what GSPL explores and caters to the world.

The valiant efforts of Shah revived and turned GSPL from a sick and closed unit to a profitable and world-renowned organisation. This herculean task made everyone sit up and take notice of the plethora of products that GSPL brings to the table — a wide range of stones that include granite, marble, engineered quartz, soft quartzite, soapstone and phyllite in slab, tiles, counter top and cut to size shapes and forms.

Like a sculptor, Global Stones Pvt Ltd. has created an everlasting impression on the Global Stones market scenario. Its many achievements are also a testimonial to its commitment to quality and building a family of satisfied customers. Since its inception in 2004, Global Stone has been a key contributor to the stone industry worldwide.

Global Stone has earned itself a place in the global market with its leading integrated granite & marble and engineered quartz. The company has an unmatched reputation. The consistent quality of international standards is maintained from selecting raw material to creating a modern design with innovative ideas for manufacturing processes with cutting-edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility.

Shah has clearly defined the purpose for GSPL, which is to be a leader in the natural stone industry by providing enhanced services, relationships and profitability. Maneuvering it with a vision to provide quality products that exceed its customers’ expectations and a mission to build long term relationships with their customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

It follows certain core values like treating its customers with respect and faith. In GSPL, there is no room for shortcuts; the growth has to happen through sheer hard work and determination that integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of its business functioning.

Expanding business

One of its main goals is to expand and diversify as per market trends. Global Stones strives to fulfill all market needs by expanding the mining and processing of natural stones, diversifying into engineered quartz and researching about better prospects to meet demands and develop a strong base of key customers, increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services, build a good reputation in the field and become a key player in the industry. In order to enhance sales channels and expand marketing activity, GSPL has created its presence in the USA by opening a branch office in  the name of Global Surfaces Inc.

To achieve it, Shah has been working with a determined focus to keep enhancing the quality systems existing at Global Stone. They are already in accordance with the requirement of international standard systems.

However, GSPL takes all measures to implement and achieve total quality management. Quality checks have been introduced at various company workstations under the expert guidance of its skilled managerial team. Persistent follow up by management, internal/external audits and relentless efforts on the part of employees have paid rich dividends.

Working in accordance with quality systems has now become a way of life at GSPL. “With top of the line Italian and Chinese machinery, we are properly equipped to ensure a high and consistent quality level right through to the finished product. Our quality department’s work with up-to-date control equipment and high qualified/experienced staff are responsible for all routine tests and analysis,” says GSPL MD Mayank Shah.

Customers galore

GSPL has been associated with many prestigious projects, which is a testimony to its commitment to quality and building a family of satisfied customers globally, that includes Abu Dhabi Natural Oil Company (ADNOC), UAE; Burj Khalifa Tower and Zabeel Palace in Dubai; Fairfield INN,  Philadelphia; and Hilton Garden INN Hotels in Durham, Hoffman, Pittsburg and Seattle. Domestically, GSPL is associated with DB City, Gwalior; Delhi Metro Rail Corp; Manipal University’s Jaipur campus; Terminal 3 Dubai International Airport; Vatika City, Jaipur; and many other.

“Our continuous efforts are to go beyond norms and limits set by standards and create our standards to achieve excellence. Emphasis is given on detailed study of subjects and fields of our interest at GSPL,” says Shah.

Going beyond Business

Apart from taking care of all its employees’ families and their various needs, Global Stones also helps various NGOs . They’ve lowered their ecological impact by including a rainwater harvesting system in their plants and recycling elements embedded in their units and have installed a solar project for 1.76 MW for green energy generation with captive use.

Awards and accolades

Global Stones has been recognised across the industry and been honoured with numerous awards: Capexil Award for Export Recognition for the last 13 years and Capexil Special Export Award 2012-13 (Natural Stones & Product Panel). It also bagged the Worldwide Achievers Award for Revival of Dying Granite Industry of North India (Business Leaders Summit & Awards 2016), the Fastest Growing Industrial Excellence Award (Indian Organization for Commerce & Industry) for the financial year 2015-16 and 2016-17 and Top 100 SME Award for the financial year 2015-16 and 2016-17, Rajasthan State Award for Export Excellence 2016-17, Rajasthan Best Employer Award 2018, RBL Bank SME Business Excellence Awards 2019, The Economic Times - India’s Growth Champions 2020, Financial Times High-Growth Companies 2020, ASIA Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 for the category ‘Fast enterprise - manufacturing sector’.