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Delivering Results To Serve The Society

The initial years’ struggles have made this entrepreneur a great motivator and compassionate human being.

Published 2 years ago on Aug 26, 2022 5 minutes Read
Madhukar S Dubey, Founder, Fusion Business Solutions (P) Limited

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview, said, “I consider entrepreneurs as India’s ‘Growth Ambassadors.’”

Madhukar S Dubey is among the entrepreneurs who are India’s ambassadors highlighting the country’s growth. Dubey is a performance-driven entrepreneur. Two events changed the way he viewed life. The first was when he had no money to purchase fuel while returning home in his vehicle. Second, when he had very little money to disburse paychecks to his employees.

These two episodes begin a lifetime of commitment, hard work, and untiring determination. Since then, he has remained unstoppable, courageous, and excited for every new opportunity.

Both his parents were school teachers, he was raised with strong discipline and ethics. His parents quickly understood that Madhukar was destined to build something for society and would not settle down just as an employee. So, even with their limited means, his parents always supported his big thinking.

He founded Fusion Business Solutions (P) Limited (FBPSL) in 2006. The firm, under the able leadership of Madhukar, has been growing tremendously, and now it is a proud name to reckon within the MSME segment in India’s services sector.

He is recognized in the industry as one who prefers “delivering results” over “making promises.” Madhukar is a data-driven and insightful IT professional with an unmatched track record of success, enormous love for his people, and unwavering passion for winning. He has significant experience developing Software/Web Applications and caters to making a difference with an exceptional vision of conceptualizing and delivering solutions. Wanting to be the game-changer in the phase of digital transformation, he goes beyond the desk to find the answers. He is an effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills; he holds the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management.

According to Madhukar, two events changed the way he looks at life. The first was when he had no money to purchase fuel while returning home in his vehicle. Second, when he had very little money to disburse paychecks to his employees.

The two events had a lasting impact on him. It was also the beginning of a lifetime of commitment, hard work, and untiring determination. Since then, he has remained unstoppable, courageous, and excited for every new opportunity. An interesting story in his linked profile reflects his journey and path ahead.

He puts his work at the centre of all that he does. “I can align, lead, and grow teams from 10 to 1000,” says Madhukar in his Linkedin profile.

One day, he met privately in his office with a staff member. They were discussing several issues important to them when the phone rang. He ignored it. After three rings, he looked at Madhukar and asked, “Aren’t you going to get that?” Madhukar paused and remarked, “No. I don’t know whether that call is important or not, but it can wait. I do know that this meeting is crucial.”

Feeling valued, he got a big smile, and they continued the conversation with new energy.

“I live on the principle that how you respond to your team and things make a great difference. I believe in meeting my team time and back and pushing text, notifications, IMs, and calls to give the expression that they are valued, trusted, and always attended above everything,” says Madhukar.

He dives deep into the points of the business and solves them. This all starts with a conversation. He also aims to understand business goals, discuss personal aspirations, and bring them the right solution through Fusion. “And if we don’t, then I keep the conversation/process growing because I want to get them there,” says Madhukar.

 He is a data-driven, insightful IT graduate passionate about growing businesses and dreams. From doing private jobs to establishing his venture, he has developed his skills in project management, business planning, consultancy, and team building. “I like to pass on the same passion to my team and watch them make the right career move in software, sales, project management, lead generation, marketing, and more,” he says.

Madhukar thrives on consistent innovation and building systems to manage things efficiently. He holds a Graduation in Computer Science and a Master’s Diploma in Computer Engineering. He is hands-on in managing all aspects of a business, and a keen affinity toward business development and technology enables him to help his team and businesses.

He is a pioneer in the industry who has created employment opportunities for local youth while solving day-to-day operational challenges for fellow business owners. The tagline “Keeping U First” is not mere words for him; he follows and encourages everyone to do the same. “I’ve rarely seen such a professional industry owner but with great devotion to society. Looking at his to-date success, the current growth of the company, no doubts he’ll achieve countless accomplishments in future,” says Ankit Mathur Payments (SWIFTgpi, PSD2), SRE (Private cloud), Run the bank, Leader.

Alongside leading FBSPL, Madhukar keeps looking for exciting and budding ventures and invests time and money to support those in their endeavours. FBSPL began with a humble beginning and a team of two. Today it is headquartered in Udaipur, Rajasthan, in a 38,000 Sq. Ft space, with a growing team of 550 members serving clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Dubai, and Singapore, helping MSMEs internationally with unique and custom business progress management solutions.

He believes that the best solutions to difficult problems come from diverse mindsets and experiences. Madhukar keeps reminding himself and the team that one can surely achieve all the success you deserve with honesty in your heart and transparency in your work.

FBSPL is striving towards building a solid and efficient team to make Fusion reachable to everyone looking for reliable and trustworthy business process outsourcing services. The firm is expanding into multiple domains like Digital Marketing, Recruitment, Insurance, eCommerce, Data Management, End-to-end Accounting, and many more in the coming years.

He keeps reminding the team at every town hall meeting that the opportunities ahead are enormous. By staying true to our values and investing in building newer capabilities, FBSPL is positioned to achieve incredible growth and transformational journeys. “And when I am not doing all this, I am listening to Progressive techno, reading about History and religion, Doing Yoga, improving photography skills, watching GOT, turning towards a new adventure, hanging out with my family in the East Bay, and sipping stouts,” says Madhukar.

His wife, Shweta Dubey, is the CEO of FBSPL. She is not just a life partner, but one who helps him focus on his competence while she manages the firm. Madhukar credits his success to everyone, from his parents to the fusion family.