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Committed To Sustainable Growth

With marshalling every activity in the company to build a sustainable growth model, the MRN Group also ensures rural youth are skilled, employable and entrepreneurial.

Published 2 years ago on Aug 26, 2022 6 minutes Read
Vijay Nirani, Managing Director, The MRN Group

The MRN Group has a vision to pilot India into a future of sustainable growth, reduced carbon emissions and just industrial development. The MRN Group of companies is one of the best examples to showcase the true impact of the industries on economic development.

Driving this initiative is Vijay Nirani, Managing Director of The MRN Group. The group was established in 1995 with the headquarters at Mudhol and Corporate offices in Bangalore; it is a successful business conglomerate founded by Dr. Murugesh R Nirani. The group’s operations are ably nurtured by Sangamesh R. Nirani,  Executive Director, and Vishal M Nirani, Director – Operations of the Group.

It has been striking a balance between reimagining and advancing industrialization and improving people’s lives across Karnataka state and various parts of India. While the group stays focused on its vision, its goal remains to enrich lives and contribute to value creation in the nation.

The group has achieved tremendous success in the recent past under Vijay Nirani. More initiatives and projects are in the pipeline through which the group plans on propelling industrial development, unprecedented sustainable change and societal breakthroughs.

The group focuses on creating a sustainable impact at a time when India’s energy sector is in a major transformative phase. The MRN Group is an active participant in the efforts to eradicate energy poverty in the country developing the next-generation sustainable infrastructure. To build a sustainable infrastructure that will ensure energy availability, accessibility and affordability while protecting the environment.

The MRN Group comprises 21 companies with interests in sugar production, ethanol, renewable energy, banking, cement, LNG, Bio-CNG, retail, education, fertilisers, agro related products, CO2, textiles, construction and the social welfare organisation, MRN Foundation.

With varied and impactful companies, the conglomerate, the MRN Group, has been a key driving force in securing industrial development and growth. Sustainability, integrity and sound business ethics are the primary factors. The MRN Group also has its wings spread in the cement, oil & gas sector & education fields.

The group constantly works to make the future a reality by staying connected to their roots of rich resources and combining integrity, creativity and smart innovation with the utmost consideration for people, their families, the local communities around them, the valued customers and customers of the country at large.

Vijay Nirani provides direction to all the entities by ensuring their current smooth functioning while simultaneously setting long and short-term goals following the group’s vision.

He is also undertaking a rigorous expansion of the group’s sugar units, ethanol divisions, power generation, education, retail and IMFL subsidiaries while concurrently establishing new group verticals in LPG, CNG, and renewable energy spaces. “We believe in creating a future where sustainability, clean and green energy is the norm,” observes Mr Vijay Nirani.

The group’s primary aim is to create an environment of growth, sustainability, and fair business practices and propel India towards a future of just industrialization while ensuring a reduction in carbon footprint. The MRN Group has transformed for a smart future that will provide valuable resources society will require for the next few decades.driver of its business. The group has prioritized sustainable goals to ensure their businesses are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. And they have taken the foundation step by aligning their business goals with India’s renewable energy mission.

With six sugar factories currently operational under the group, the MRN Group has a combined crushing capacity of over 61,000 TCD / day, making it one of India’s largest sugar producers. An interesting fact to note here is that the group strives to ensure an almost zero wastage policy at every sugar unit.

The minimized wastage policy is truly achieved by the presence of co-gen and distilleries established by the group. The MRN Group produce a combined 237 MW of power and meets the internal requirements.  The excess power generated is supplied to the government state lines. The combined capacity of the distilleries stands at a tall 590 KLPD / day, with expansion plans underway to increase it to 2000 KLPD / day, thus making it not only India’s but Asia’s largest ethanol production unit.

With our vigorous action plan and strong support to the National Biofuel Policy-2018 that envisages an indicative target of 20% blending of ethanol in petrol by 2025, the group is already expanding in ethanol to 2400 KLPD by 2022 and scaling taller heights gradually. As the group prepares for the next decade, the leadership aims to unearth the potential and make themselves the leading company in bioenergy locally and globally.

With the major goal of ensuring world-class financial services to the farmers and people of North Karnataka, the MRN Group has established two financial institutions to cater to all their needs and enable them to grow exponentially. Vijay Souhard Credit Sahakari and Prajwal Multipurpose Souhard Sahakare have gained immense popularity as equitable financial institutions in Karnataka.

The MRN Group directly employs over 70,000 people, while more than 1.5 lakh farmer families are now dependent on them. With such a large workforce, the MRN Group ensures that every employee is distinctly valued. They believe that employees directly reflect the organization’s culture and values.

The MRN Foundation believes that giving back to society is a responsibility and that it should not fail in that duty. The main objective of setting up The MRN Foundation, a non-government and non-profit organization, is dedicated to working in the areas of entrepreurship, health, education, relief of the poor, and providing amenities and facilities to the people of rural India. Mr Nirani firmly believes in the Foundation’s core values and gives personal attention in aiding entrepreneurship, health and education sectors.

Though the organization is not registered for any social activity, the work reflects the concern of CMD Dr. Murugesh R Nirani for the society, especially the rural people, in terms of the development of education, health, self-employment and employing rural people. The organization’s main objective is to assist in forming community and general public sustainable employment opportunities for the rural populace. Under Corporate Social Responsibility, each unit has a great motto to help community development.

It aims to empower the rural youth as a national asset to find self-employment and help build a nation’s economy—the CSR project encourages Rural Entrepreneurship Counseling of women to create a substantial impact in Rural Society. Assist and Train the Self-Help Groups for women empowerment. Impart Entrepreneurship Training to management personnel.

The company believes in a comprehensive, holistic development model. The group set up Tejas International Residential School and Vijay International School to provide world-class education and mould young students into better citizens.

The congolomerate, the MRN Group, with varied presences, has made an impact in many sectors, and is determined to hatch an even bigger impact in the times to come. Sustainability may be a goal to many others, but for the MRN Group, it is an integral part of its core value system. Building an eco-system on a sustainbale model for the future generations has been at the forefront of the MRN Group’s agenda and the company is committed to it.