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Cold Steel Corporation Pioneers Of Pre-Engineered Buildings In India

Cold Steel Corporation has been at the forefront as pioneers of innovation in the PEB industry in India for over 4 decades. With core values of providing the customers with high quality products at competitive prices, Cold Steel Corporation was founded in 1977 by the visionary technocrat Mr. Rajwansh Bedi with a vision of introducing Pre-Engineered Buildings to the Indian market.

Published 2 years ago on Dec 15, 2021 4 minutes Read
Mr. Ankur Bedi Director-Business Development & Projects

Cold Steel Building Systems pioneered the concept at a time when steel was scarce and customers were not aware of the advantages of using custom built steel sections and pre-engineered structures. Since then, Cold Steel Corporation has emerged as a leader in meeting the exact needs of Indian P.E.B market by introducing world-class steel building designs and details exactly suited to local conditions and the available building materials. Comfortably entrenched in the business since 1977, the company has successfully completed more than 10,000 buildings till date. Having the widest range of PEB systems and offering comprehensive building solutions, including foundation designs, pre-engineered steel structures, roofing and side sheets/cladding, complete accessories and installation, Cold Steel Building Systems happen to be amongst the primary choices for PEB manufacturer in India.

Today, Cold Steel is not only catering to the entire Indian market, but has done more than a dozen major projects abroad and are looking at sustained business opportunities in the North American markets. Cold Steel Corporation is one of the very few enterprises in the area of infrastructure today, which is entirely self-financed and 100% Debt-Free. With an overall installed capacity of 80,000 Metric Tons Per Year and 75,000 Sq. meters of entirely automated plants including a state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing premium quality Aluminium Foil Bubble Wrap Insulation, Cold Steel Corporation is one of the largest PEB manufacturer today.

The company is committed to the mission of delivering top quality building solutions, with continuous and ongoing investment in people, products and technology and so strives to build sustainable relationships with customers, by satisfying their evolving needs, safety and lifestyle through the employees whose entrepreneurial spirit and ambition is fuelled by the culture of  learning and professional growth. The products and services reflect innovation, become quality benchmarks and provide real value for money. The policies and practices are fair, transparent and constantly improving to maximize customer satisfaction by delivering products and services of the best value and quality. The company strives to honour the commitments, implied or expressed, to both the internal and external customers.

In today’s day and age since resources are costly and the time to set up the project is limited, that makes pre-engineered steel buildings the most effective answer and viable solution. Along with being highly cost effective, constructing a multi-storey building in steel is much faster saving precious project ‘Set–up’ time which is a big drawback in case of buildings made through conventional methods. With depleting natural resources, steel buildings offer the best option of a completely dry and mechanized way of construction making it a green and environment friendly way of construction.

Innovation, quality and affordability is the cornerstone of this unique industry vertical, which has made in-roads into the commercial building sector in India, estimated to reach a target of 20.44 billion square feet by 2030 from 7 billion square feet in 2010. It is expected that nearly 34 percent of 2030 target had already been constructed and about 66 percent of the building stock is yet to be constructed. Although at an emerging stage, the pre-engineered steel building construction will certainly see widespread application in multi-story commercial buildings and housing sector in the coming years and the growth in this area is inevitable.

In the recent years, multi-storey segment has shown huge growth. Until recently in India, steel construction was associated with industrial buildings. Now, with the rising economy and multinational companies entering the country, new buildings whether residential, commercial, retail, hospitality or IT parks are all changing in terms of construction, design and look which is driving the demand for steel buildings. Multi-story pre-engineered steel buildings can accommodate a wide range of functions and can adapt to a wide range of architectural styles. As a new age alternative, steel multi-storey buildings offer the benefits of quick construction coupled with cost viability and sustainability unlike the conventional methods, which are tedious when it comes to achieving timelines; nor do they conform to the green building standards.

Uniquely, Cold Steel Corporation provides total turnkey solutions, right from the foundation designs to the completely installed building. Cold Steel has also been the pioneer in multi-storey steel building construction, having completed the legendry 26 Floor Building in New Delhi in the early 90s. Recently, Cold Steel has built a G+5 building which serves as a corporate office block for Volvo Eicher near Pithampur, near Indore . Built over an area of 3500 sq. meters in just 30 days, it has set a new bench mark in the field of multi- storey steel building construction, exemplifying speed, finesse and the high-quality standards. On approval of the designs from the client’s end the fabrication at Cold Steels’ Plant started immediately. While the client was completing the foundation work on the basis of the detailed foundation drawings, anchor bolts and templates provided by Cold Steel, Cold Steel was ready to supply the material in matter of two weeks. The installation of all floors was started simultaneously and was executed at an incredible speed with the highest safety standards.

With immense experience and world-class quality backing it up, Cold Steel Corporation will undoubtedly be a leader in the multi-storey steel building segment. The world of Tomorrow belongs to choices that are minimalistic, sleek design, easy to maintain while offering a unique liveable space and experience.