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Building Sustainability in Businesses

The concept of TransGanization is set to revolutionize the way businesses are conducted. It holds a lot of promise to transform the ecosystem of small and medium enterprises in India and globally

Published 2 years ago on Oct 24, 2021 5 minutes Read
Rohit Arora Founder & CEO, TransGanization

The human endeavour to initiate and achieve sustainability has been the key to the growth and prosperity of civilizations and the world. United Nations initiative to attain Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) reflects human resolve to build a sustainable environment, society, community, nation and the planet earth.

In today’s world, sustainability is the main key for a business to be profitable and prosperous. Rohit Arora, Founder & CEO, Business Transformation Guru, Rohit is graduate from IIT Bombay, MBA from ISB and Kellogg School of Management, Chicago. Rohit has worked with Andersen, KPMG, HSBC and through his vedantic understaing is helping and guiding efforts to help people achieve sustainability.

He does this with TransGanization. It means Helping Passionate Entrepreneurs build Organizations with a Global Mindset and Extraordinary Capabilities. TransGanization helps businesses transform organizations to sustain themselves on their own and produce profits & recognition as a byproduct.

TransGanization is a Companion (Saarthi).  A companion is a collaboration of the work of a consultant and that of a coach. It is no magic. But a hard truth, that when a companion guides the business, it becomes more sustainable.

The companion’s advice helps businesses integrate various solutions and guides to their system, which amplify the output of the business and help achieve sustainability. However, the transformation is only possible when one is willing to transform their mindset and shift in capabilities.

TransGanization is an intense school of thought that works with organizations’ souls and leaders to ignite their deep-rooted consciousness by providing high-quality education and companionship programs. It is a one-stop window solution for SMEs and professionals.

“Our team lives by LOVE, SERVE and GIVE philosophy and is passionate about creating sustainable businesses that are focused on making the world a better place. So to nurture the mindset in the correct direction, the First offering of TranGanization is providing Business Education to its clients. (We call them Believers),” says Rohit Arora, Founder & CEO, Business Transformation Guru.

Arora believes this is critical, considering that most promoter-driven businesses depict profitability as the main growth factor, but businesses ignore sustainability. TransGanization helps transform the business and carves out organisms from organizations, including their minds, bodies, and souls. So when business becomes an organism, it fosters on its own and sustains way longer even after its promoters and directors cease to exist.

A corrective approach to businesses is offered through Darpan, a free for Life Business educational webinar series conducted by Mr. Rohit Arora, Business Transformation Guru himself, every Friday at 5.00 pm in English and Hindi. Prarambh: Prarambh is a “Free For Life Business Educational Webinar” series delivered in Marathi and is conducted by Mr. Kundan Gurav, Co-Founder of TransGanization to impart business education to Marathi Entrepreneurs. The session is conducted every Saturday at 9:30 am.

Arora and his team developed TransGanization Campus, an online Education Platform that provides more than 500 hours of Business Education and Articles that are tailor-made to serve the needs of Small Businesses.  It was launched in May 2021 and is expected to Educate many more Small Businesses that cannot attend Darpan or Prarambh Programmes.

“We believe that there is a huge need for holistic support to Small Businesses from Strategy to every aspect of  business be it, Technology, HR services, Corporate Compliance, Branding and Communication. We provide all of this under one umbrella of Business Consulting,” says Arora.

The concept is attractive, and the firm has seen tremendous traction with some of its most popular topics on Campus generating the highest traffic like Parivartan Readiness Program, Branding & Communication. Others include Customer Mind Map, Product Development Framework, Competitive Strategy, Data-Driven Decision Making and Excel for Better Data Analysis.

“In the last seven years, we have educated more than 14000+ Business Owners and Professionals,” says Arora.

Riding on two of its highly attractive and effective programs-Parivartan and Saarathi, the firm is confident to help businesses, especially SMEs, to help achieve sustainability.

Parivartan is an eight-module transformation journey that educates and implements different transformative routines that tackle pain points SMEs face. This journey encompasses both business education and capability improvements carried out by TransGanizers experienced in the transformation of businesses.

The modules help in Purpose Discovery: A business with a clear purpose is unbreakable, and it is self-motivated to achieve its goals. Customer Identification: Change with the changing needs of the customers or its believers. Business Model: That serves the customers with the right products and services and fulfils the customer’s needs in the organization. Financial Model: That understands its cost and assess if the business will grow with the same process. Dashboard: Develop a structure with a proper scale to measure variables and warn when certain conditions are not met—a measure to understand the business’s current performance. System and Processes: The design created by following the above modules will deliver certain desired results. This methodology needs to be documented so as not to deviate from the current path being followed. Talent Factory: Identifying the appropriate Human Resources to re-energize the system to deliver the required value to sustain, scale & live the culture of the organization. Neural Network: It gives a bird’s eye view of the whole organization to identify any bottlenecks in the system.

Saarthi is a holistic and intense involvement with Believers to Co-Create Sustainable and Scalable organization. It includes every part of the Business, Technology, HR services, Corporate Compliance, Branding and communication.

It encompasses various reviews and checks at every step of the journey, which keep a check on the full transformation process of the business. It also has multiple avenues that SMEs generally overlook, like implementing CRM, HRM, SEO management, etc.

“We have been part of 470 plus ‘Transformation Journeys’ in the Consulting space, says Arora.