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Atharva Laboratories Pvt Ltd ~ Epitome Of Women’s Grit

Atharva Laboratories Pvt Ltd, located in the industrial hub of Nodia, Uttar Pradesh, epitomizes a journey travelled entirely by women entrepreneurs Mrs. Aparna Parvatikar, Mrs. Arundhati Parvatikar and Mrs. Archana Kulkarni is all about unflinching grit, confidence and self-belief. The idea of building a material testing lab equivalent to international standard was conceived by Mr. V.B. Parvatikar, who was industry veteran and stalwart in the field of footwear; his daughter Mrs. Aparna Parvatikar, Director of the company, came forward to transform her father’s dream into reality.

Published 3 years ago on Oct 24, 2021 4 minutes Read
Mrs. Aparna Parvatikar Director, Atharva Laboratories Pvt Ltd

A decade of hard work and unrelenting focus established Atharva Laboratories as one of the most reputed privately owned Indian laboratories having the widest scope of work for an array of Industries. Atharva has come a long way since its establishment on 29th January 2007, offering testing services for textile, leather &  leather products, electrical & electronics, white goods, automobiles, engineering plastics, polyurethane foams, toys, food, water, furniture across diverse domestic & international clients.

Today, Atharva, which was started in a small room to provide tailored solutions to industry with only two-three machines, is accredited by apex body “National Accreditation Board of Laboratories for Testing and Calibration” for ISO:17025 for over eight hundred test parameters spread over five disciplines and numerous industries. Atharva Laboratories is also approved by BIS for testing of IT products, Footwear, Personnel Protective Equipment. Presently the company has an impeccable reputation for providing modern technology & extremely reliable instrumentation with validated and verified protocols used for testing and analysis.

In the year 2017, Atharva family diversified into manufacturing of specialized shoes for defense, para-military forces and industrial workers to provide comfort and protection to the wearer from extreme weather conditions, injuries etc. Approved by Department of Industrial Research Organization, Atharva jointly worked with some of the reputed Institutions in the area of research and development of products suited for the Indian defense forces for personal protection, that boosts the Make in INDIA drive. Apart from this, Atharva worked extensively in the area of specialty additives to develop very cost-effective homegrown solutions for antistatic and electrostatic charge dissipative shoes for safety of workmen working in different environment, specialty systems for spray applied polyurethane(s) foam for building insulations, these homegrown solutions are produced and marketed by sister concerns of Atharva Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

The Group businesses of Atharva Laboratories cover areas of Material Testing, Research & Development, Training and Consultancy, M/s Terra Elastomers- Polyurethane Systems for Building Insulations & Water Proofing Elastomers, M/s Hitech Personal Protective Equipment- Footwear Manufacturing, M/s Balaji Innovative Solution - Specialty additives for polyurethane chemistry. This comprehensive bunch of expertise is caried out in its state-of-art facility, which has made the company a segment leader in the industry.

Aparna strongly believes in developing and empowering people by building right skill set amongst team members and inculcate best practices such as fair and accurate testing, time management which are of paramount importance in the trade. As an entrepreneur, Aparna strongly focused on innovation, customization and product development, She has steered Atharva as a company that constantly works towards new benchmarks of customer-centric services, quality product offerings and honoring brand promises by inculcating in the work culture a team spirit where members are encouraged to think out of the box and take risks to address unmet needs of the customers. When asked, Aparna says …she owes her success to spouse Ruchin and kids for unconditional support and morale boost.

Moving forward, Aparna is determined to explore new avenues by going beyond the present boundaries to be well-equipped and prepared to address new challenges which human race will face for a while due to unprecedented changes across the world after the Coivd-19 pandemic. Being a research and innovation-oriented company, Atharva is working on specialty footwear with new materials for diabetic patients, smart safety shoes to reduce fatigue and stress, cost effective light weight knee high shoes and rainwear for sanitization workers and so on. These products are aimed at improving quality of life of people and would be real game changers in a niche market segment.

Atharva family truly believes in empowerment of people, value of education and social responsibilities for which they started a self-funded NGO “Shri Samaj Kalyan Samiti” to fulfil their dream of serving the underprivileged. They started evening school for children of labourers working in industrial sectors aiming to provide basic education to them and even ensured admission of some bright and talented children to formal school and sponsored their education to give them opportunity to build a promising future for themselves.

Salient Features of Atharva Laboratories

  • Women’s enterprise
  • Entirely self-funded
  • Amongst India’s most diverse testing lab with wide scope of work
  • Only BIS approved lab in India that undertakes testing of PPE- safety belts & harnesses
  • Probably only lab in India that offers tailored solutions at breakneck speed
  • Hires fresh graduates and nurtures them to build talent pool.
  • Over 80 percent of the employees started their career with Atharva