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Aiming For The ‘Space’ Having Conquered The ‘Sky.’

Skyislimit Technologies, founded in 2019 by a young man from Adoor in Kerala, Manodh Mohan, is built up of a team of highly skilled IT professionals with over multiple years of hands-on industry experience. It delivers comprehensive SaaS services that help organisations run more efficiently by automating their sales and operational functions

Published 3 years ago on Aug 21, 2021 4 minutes Read
Mr. Manodh Mohan Founder and CEO, Skyislimit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The journey to where Skyislimit Technologies has reached today has not been easy. The challenges of being recognised by the industry and accepted by the customers for any start-up remains a big hurdle. For Skyislimit, it was no different.

“Malayali entrepreneurs are far ahead in developing innovative concepts and solutions. But the roadblocks before them come when they are about to secure the next stage of investment,” says Manodh Mohan, Founder and CEO of Skyislimit Technologies Private Limited.

Manodh became an Internet entrepreneur while pursuing his MBA in finance. In 2013, he started a service-based company in Elamakkara, Kochi, with friends.

But the urge to make it big was always burning in his mind. That resulted in subsequently setting up the Skyislimit start-up.  Salesfokuz, a full suite sale management software that supports sales teams with a simple tool, is Manodh’s brainchild and was incepted in 2014. Started as a team of three, it took 36 months to implement and penetrate Salesfokuz into the market. Self-investment, friends, and family were the sources that helped him with the required funds.

He overcame many such challenges, and today his firm is based out of Mumbai with headquarters in Texas, USA, and a development team centre in Kochi. Built brick by brick and person by person, the firm is a team of more than 80 professionals with a combined business domain knowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver high-quality results cost-effectively to maximise the competitive advantage and productivity with the latest technology and trends.

His firm, or rather his dynamic team lead by Mohan, can turn the creative concepts of a company into reality through cutting edge application development services. It helps companies stay ahead in the competition by facilitating them to take advantage of the opportunities and beat the challenges.

There are many android and windows-based apps that are streaming the market. Yet, the need for new applications is always open. Skyislimit offers customised apps for companies dedicated to their networks. The compatibility is specific and user-friendly too.

Further, to enhance the visibility of their clients on the internet, the team offers customised digital marketing services. The team helps its client in improving the ranking of their company’s website on the search engine also assists them in enhancing their branding through multiple marketing activites.

Amidst the COVID pandemic last year, the firm got its biggest break. Its highly innovative product Fokuz video conferencing app attracted an investment of $2 million from US-based visionary angel investors Suneel (Sonny) Menon and his wife, Shari Menon. Sonny has the talent to spotting opportunities in the business space and building value via budding businesses, and create the ultimate revenue for the shareholders. Shari, a strategic planner, knows what it takes to do cost-optimisation, executive recruitment and infrastructure development to facilitate swift growth for the businesses.

The husband-wife team gave the required impetus to Manodh and his team, that had done the hard work of building product and offering highly customised and sophisticated services to its customers. “I am proud of my team. It knows my wavelength. If I promise a deal with the client, I know that my team will be dedicated to fulfilling the terms and conditions,” says Manodh.

Skyislimit team has won 10 awards and has been well-recognised by reputed organisations for the customer-centric approach. Manodh, with his products Salesfokuz-Fokuz, proudly serves market leaders such as SBI, DFHI, CSB Bank, DCB Bank, Saraswat Bank, and Godrej, through customised solutions.

“The 3 Ps that I never give up —Patience, Passion and Positivity,” says Manodh Mohan, Founder & CEO Skyislimit Technologies.

Manodh is a dreamer and an achiever. His next big dream is to enlist Skyislimit in Wall Street by the end of 2025. While he dreams big, his team works to help him achieve it. Brought in a modest background and tough situations like where he and his family were scouting for rented accommodation, having lost their house in clearing debts, Manodh knows the struggle and pain of each employee. He has a plan for them — to offer the employees, who have been associated with Skyislimit for more than five years, partnership in the company’s shares.