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A Very Recent Name In The Steel Industry But Emerging As One Of The Top Leaders In India In The Segment

The Group has a presence in iron ore Mining, Steel and Power, concrete, Media, Infrastructure, Hotels, Commercial space development, Logistics and Cement. 

Published 3 years ago on Oct 25, 2021 4 minutes Read
Vineed Raj Pillai CEO – KJS Group

The Group has a presence in iron ore Mining, Steel and Power, concrete, Media, Infrastructure, Hotels, Commercial space development, Logistics and Cement.

Vineed Raj Pillai, CEO at KJS Group, has heralded an innovative approach. He is currently leading the Group’s portfolio of approximately 1200 crore (INR) and heading the business of the steel and power division, the concrete division, iron ore business and exports. His professional and technical skills in those segments have set a benchmark and are hallmarked—his expertise as an industry veteran remains unmatched in multiple fields.

What makes him outstanding from the rest is that his adaptability perceives for the new idea & positive thought processes and most importantly the capability of taking the team along of large size like 1500 people in the current organisation of different age category and creating the right impact.

His competency with the KJS group began in 2011. KJS Group of Industries was founded by “Shri Kamaljeet Singh Ahluwalia”, Chairman of the Group and joined the group under the leadership of current “Managing director Shri Karanpal Singh”

At KJS Group, Mr Pillai’s pioneering vision and endeavours have made him a trailblazer in the truest sense. He has paved the way for the KJS group to an upward trajectory of growth.

The Group in India is a multi-location and multi-unit group of industries that are a force reckoned with major clients such as TATA, ESSAR, JSPL, BRPL, RASHMI GROUP, ADHUNIK, L&T, IREO, MCG, DLF, DMRC, PWD, and CPWD, to name a few.

Like every business, there were quite a few challenges faced to build KJS Concrete into what it is today. To overcome the same was not an easy task. Mr Pillai avers that it was difficult to get through to the market when it came to bringing forth optimum standards and qualities of good concrete products that can be manufactured through automation and avail the best technologies across the globe.

Under his leadership, KJS Concrete has not only just accomplished stellar feats but has also been able to establish and expand its business operations. All from concept to the setup and successfully running the business, He has showcased his mastery and his rounded proficiency.

His competence to deal with the latest equipment and technologies across the globe, an innovative thought process and perceives of new ideas always become the positive result for the business.

Mr Pillai is currently a well-known name in the steel industry, Within a very short period, he created that space to earn the name, Due to his ability to conquer hurdles and lead the steel business which is one of the toughest tasks.  He is considered to be a trendsetter as his ability to forecast the price pattern for steel and iron ore is always a step ahead of the market when it comes to judging the market and remains unmatched.

He has also successfully implemented the ISI standard, ISO: QMS, EMS AND OHSAS, making KJS Concrete the only concrete product manufacturing unit of India to receive a triple ISO certification from TUV Germany. In addition to that, he has effectuated methods for implementing the ERP system to improve work efficiency.

At the KJS group, he devised, evaluated, and established a thorough improvement in the overall production and operation processes by implementing the right systems and methodology and made sure to monitor it on an hourly basis and optimise. His vision and aim were to reduce the cost of manufacturing without compromising on quality and maximising the yield and improved margins especially when it comes to steel plants where the margin of error is almost nil and dotted on to that.

Being a skilled negotiator and a champion when it comes to controlling the cost of a project and budget controlling thereby bringing down the cost of any project and manufacturing cost for any unit without compromising on standards. He also has expertise in German plants and machinery in the concrete industry.

His commanding leadership aims to take the company to new heights with his vision of investing in new technology and implementing systems and thrive for quality to grow together as an industry rather than as an individual unit.

Mr Pillai strives to fulfil the vision of the company -To be the most admired business organization that continues to be concerned for the environment, employees’ care and community welfare while creating value for all the stakeholders. He is implementing the company’ mission, which aspires to establish itself as a cost-competitive & eco-friendly organization to ensure satisfaction to consumers, employees & people at large.

“It is nothing but the quality, systems and keeping up with industry and market insights and most importantly taking your team along the journey - that catapults you to the top as a leader and emerge as a top brand,” says Vineed Raj Pillai, CEO at KJS Group, India.