Big Idea

Infra.Market has managed to ‘Marie Kondo’ the messy business of construction

The Mumbai-based start-up is a full-service infra-tech company, running a marketplace, and even supplying its own brand of quality-assured material


Anyone who has built a house or a factory in India will tell you what a nightmarish experience it is. The construction materials never reach on time and their quality is questionable, and there are always missing supplies. The project progresses in fits and starts, and ends unsatisfactorily with something broken  sort of like a street fight.

No wonder Souvik Sengupta and Aaditya Sharda found that professionally run start-ups were hard to find in construction industry, especially in the B2B segment. Sengupta and Sharda were familiar with this industry, the former had worked in finance and commercial departments of infrastructure companies after completing his MBA from IIM-B, and the latter had been a distributor for construction-material companies such as Tata Steel and Dalmia Cement.