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My Favourite

Ketan Patel
For the CEO of CASHe, cricket is not just a sport, and khichdi beats every other dish in the world  

The Art of War has left a huge impression on me. It is a classic that teaches you everything you need to know about strategy while giving you an intriguing perspective on what it takes to win. While the philosophy is related to war, the takeaways can be applied to different aspects of life. It will enlighten you with strategies that will help one build a successful life, win battles and relationships.

Pursuit of Happyness is one of my all-time favourites. The movie is a great energiser as it helps you to swiftly bounce back after a low. It’s a brilliant film, which conveys that if you are determined, nothing can stop you. I also like to watch comedies to relax.

I love the competitive spirit of cricket. I have actively played club cricket and it’s a great stress buster. It’s the ultimate team sport where one learns to work towards a common goal by communicating effectively. Besides, it teaches you to lose gracefully. In fact, it’s not just a sport, it’s a religion.

Nothing beats khichdi according to me. It’s mild, satisfying, wholesome and a simple meal on its own. It’s a household staple that offers warmth and comfort until the last bite. No matter where I am, the comfort and taste of khichdi is unmatched.

I truly admire New York for its vibrancy. I believe it’s a beautiful culmination of all kinds of culture and one of the most ideal places to create art. The city has a million things to offer — art, education, opera or interesting streets. There is something for everybody in New York.

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