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The game of golf has taught Pradeep Lala more than patience and aiming skills

For the CEO of Embassy Services, sports has always been an integral part of life

Published 4 years ago on Aug 21, 2020 3 minutes Read

I read just about anything to everything, but The Godfather by Mario Puzo is an all-time favourite because it teaches a lot about your conduct in life. Recently, I enjoyed reading the Bhagwad Gita and Stephen A Schwarzman’s What It Takes — both discuss deep life lessons and talk about the pursuit of excellence.

I am an ardent lover of music and any melody with meaningful lyrics evokes intense emotion and memories. I lose myself while listening to retro classics and rock n’ roll. Savage Garden and Pink Floyd are some of the artists I admire. Coming back to life by the English rock band is an eternal favourite.

Sports has been an integral part of my childhood. Just like any Indian child, I have grown up watching and playing competitive cricket and also travelled the world to watch international tournaments. Besides that, golf is a passion that has lasted for more than three decades, and I’ve reached the club level in this sport. It is a great leveller where you compete with yourself and learn to overcome obstacles along the way.

Being a Mumbaikar I have always enjoyed street food the likes of pav bhaaji, vada pav and chaat. I am a huge foodie from a ‘foodie family’ and relish different cuisines from Japanese teppanyaki to Goan prawn curry.

While Mumbai and Bangalore are places that I live in India – Goa is where my heart belongs. The moment I land in that city, I am overwhelmed by a certain sense of sossegado (Portuguese for tranquility). Abroad, London has exceptional memories for me and I enjoy walking and exploring the city streets.