My Favourite

Sanjeev Barnwal, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Meesho

Sanjeev Barnwal loves beaches. They offer the perfect backdrop for a serene vacation, he feels

Published 6 months ago on Jan 01, 2024 1 minute Read

Favourite Movie

War movies stand as my preferred genre, and Enemy at the Gates is a classic example. Based on the battle of Stalingrad, the movie impeccably captures the perseverance of a Russian sniper who fought against overwhelming odds, ultimately contributing to the defeat of the German army.

Favourite Book

A recent life-changer for me has been Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity. It explores the secrets to living a longer and healthier life, emphasising self-sufficiency in daily activities. I have noticed subtle yet impactful improvements, like increased energy throughout the day, better focus and a sharper memory. Now, my goal is to maintain these changes for a longer and healthier life ahead.

Favourite Sport

I am a big fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and I take great pride in the fact that we are both from Jharkhand. So, undoubtedly, cricket is one of my all-time favourite sports.

Favourite Cuisine

I adore north Indian cuisine; it is my ultimate favourite and my top choice. Having said that, during my time in Japan, I developed a real fondness for Japanese cuisine, particularly ramen and sushi.

Favourite Holiday Destination

I have a deep affection for beaches! They offer the perfect backdrop for a serene vacation, which is why I visit Goa every year. I am particularly fond of water sports, and snorkelling in the Maldives is one of my most treasured experiences. Besides, Austria is also special to me because I am passionate about history and beer, and the country is known for breweries and museums. My visit to Stiegl-Brauwelt in Salzburg last year, diving into its brewing history and delightful flavours, was unforgettable.