My Favourite

Manabu Yamazaki, President & CEO, Canon India

When in India, Yamazaki loves to explore restaurants here and relish the local delicacies  

Favourite book

I prefer reading both fiction and non-fiction as I believe that all kinds of readings have their own merits. I strongly recommend everyone to read Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living by Bruce Lee. It throws light on the essence of all aspects of life including existence, achievement, art, and personal liberation. Reading helps me become more relaxed and decreases my daily stress levels.

Favourite movie

Some of my all-time favourite movies are The Great Escape (1963),  Enter the Dragon (1973),  Back to the Future (1985), Forrest Gump (1994),  e’Lollipop (1975),  Grand Prix (1966) and Suna No Utsuwa (1974).

Favourite sport

I love swimming and cycling as I see them as great ways to recharge mentally and also to stay physically fit. As a spectator, I love watching football, rugby, skating and all kinds of motorsport.

Favourite cuisine

I love to indulge in spicy and tasty food, and explore new restaurants where I can get good Indian curry, sushi, pasta and also Sichuanese flavours. As India is well-known for its cuisine and traditional flavours, I have been exploring restaurants here and relishing the local delicacies.

Favourite travel destination

I had the opportunity to visit multiple Indian cities over the past year. I am eagerly looking forward to exploring the country to its fullest and want to visit cities like Chennai, Jaipur among many others. But, as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, the first place I would love to visit is Hong Kong—a country where I used to live—and go see my old friends. Also, as I have a soft spot for classic cars, I am looking forward to my next trip to the UK, Italy and Germany.