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Living Foodz channel aims to please food lovers with its latest commercial

Ask anyone what are they obsessed in life the most. Movies and food would be the usual responses. It isn’t unusual that people can go to any extent when it comes to food. If a food-obsessed doctor can go to the extent of asking his patient which vegetable was he cutting when he cut his finger, and fancying himself relishing with the dish made out of it, it can be bizzare .

This is what Living Foodz has brought out in the ‘Obsessed with Food’ campaign to celebrate one year of food obsession by spreading the joy of food amongst food lovers. The three sets of ads have been shot in a simple setting. Although all the ads begin with a pinch of salt, it is rooted with subtle humour with an abundance of food-visuals.  

The creative head of the advertisement, Raghu Bhat, director, Scarecrow Communications, says that the company has a track record of not buying anything, which is run-of-the-mill. “We thought of three campaign ideas, keeping the tonality of light-hearted humour in mind, and they have chosen the strongest,” says Bhat. “People spend a lot of time thinking of food and the ad is a reflection of this reality,” he adds.

Talking about the campaign, Amit Nair, business head, Living Foodz says, “As Living Foodz moves into its second year, we wanted to extend our channel’s philosophy of ‘making food fun’. We wanted to target food lovers across the country and create a campaign with fun to extend the brand’s positioning.”

Take a look at the advertisement here. 


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