Maximising space

Design Cafe’s campaign tells one how to maximise the utility of minimal space with smart interiors

Space constraint is arguably one of biggest perils of living in a metro city like Mumbai. On one hand, real estate prices are beyond expensive. On the other, families expand. But even when you are constrained by the walls of your apartment, Design Cafe offers end-to-end home interior solutions to make that space as comfortable and luxurious as it could get.

“Our teams consistently push boundaries to provide customers with premium services which not only give them a personalised design experience but also fit perfectly within their budget. Also, we specialise in intelligent/smart designs that guarantee 20% more space utilisation,” says Maheima Kapur, VP-marketing & sales, Design Cafe. The company uses virtual reality to give its customers a complete 360-degree experience of what their home will ultimately look like before they go ahead and sign off.

To communicate their USP, the company has released a campaign called #MoreRoomForJoy. The ad film showcases the problems associated with a growing family in the big city and how Design Cafe solves that by using intelligent design solutions. It starts with two brothers moving into an apartment, adjusting almost comfortably. As they get married and have kids, the space is better utilised with the introduction of a sofa-cum-bed in the living room, bunker beds for kids and detachable kitchen shelves to accommodate the diverse cooking practices of their wives. The simple story line is depicted through pixilation (stop motion with humans) treatment. “Most Indian advertising campaigns generally tend to stick with what's done and dusted, and hence it becomes repetitive. It is very rare to find a client who will want to experiment with the visuals,” adds Shreyom Ghosh, Director, Big 3 Media. And needless to say, Design Cafe’s ad, just like its interior designing, is visually fun and interesting.